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This weekend has been busy, busy around the Buenviaje house! Yesterday we went to Lowe’s and bought some awesome hardware for our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and Jeremy put those up lastnight. They look awesome!! We’re so excited to finally have a REAL kitchen look. 🙂 Today my awesome hubby is installing our blinds (yes, finally taking the paper ones down) and they look great. Our friends are not even going to know what hit them when they walk in and see real house stuff that we bought instead of another electronic gadget like say a flat screen tv, iphone, or new imac. (We’re MAC whores, sorry!) heheh!

Anyway, today has been all business for me as I’ve been surfing the net finding some awesome sites for all you wedding and makeup junkies out there. Specifically, these sites have been about the bride-to-be. I have found some great sites that are well worth your click. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Princess Lasertron’s Blog –She’s by far one of the most coolest wedding vendors out there. She offers alternative options for real flower bouquets and has a lot of even more awesome ideas for off-beat or different styled soirees. Here’s a picture from her blog that shows one of her felt and button bouquets. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

2. Weddingbee and Weddingbee PRO — These are two sites that I think you’ll enjoy if you’re searching for other people’s insight/trials/tribulations/successes, etc. while planning their wedding. The first is a site for brides and people that like to blog about what’s been happening as they try different vendors or find new and innovative ways to make things happen with their wedding planning. The second is strictly for Wedding Professionals (like us) to go on and talk about their inspirations, weddings they’re working on, and ideas for brides and others alike. By using them both you should be able to make some great connections or at least get some good ideas.

3. Offbeat Bride — This is a site that is for, well, the “offbeat bride”. Someone who doesn’t want to have everything seen in Brides magazing or look exactly like everyone else’s get-together. This is an awesome blog (and book) about options and off-the-cuff suggestions to make your wedding unique from the millions of others. Plus, it’s just so much fun!

We know that you do a lot of web surfing while planning out your wedding, too. What kinds of things are you finding? Let us know what you like looking at and what could help some of our other brides in planning their big day! We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great Sunday! (off now to go bowling for a fun-filled 5 year old birthday party!)

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