SPF Eye Cream

With the sun peaking out of the clouds today and the weather shaping up for a great weekend (even greater when UNC beats Duke this Sunday!!!) ahem, back to business…it has me thinking about sunscreen and protection for the face. Also, my friend Annie brought to my attention that some people don’t wear concealer everyday and still want to have protection. This is a great thing! More and more companies are coming out with eye creams that have sun protection within. The fantastic part is that they are made specifically for the thin skin around the eye. Please use with caution, though. Some people are sensitive to certain types of sunscreens (physical vs chemical blockers) and make sure to read the box and or research online before purchasing if you are. Also, an added tip is to always apply eye cream on the orbital bone around the eye, not right next to or underneath the eye. Think of a tissue, if you put water at one end it will migrate through the paper. The skin around your eye is like the tissue. If you put the cream or serum too close it has no where to migrate except in the eye. Let’s not do this ladies!!

Here are some of the eye creams that are popular right now in all different price ranges with SPF. It would be an awesome buy to invest in one. I have personally tried the Clarins and think very highly of the line. The others are no doubt great, but please leave us your thoughts if you’ve tried them to spread the word!

Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 30

Murad Essential C Eye Cream SPF 15
ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Moisturizer SPF 25
DDF Protective Eye Cream SPF 15

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