Competition Bobbi vs Laura

This week I saw capitalism at its best. I went out to Nordstrom (love it!) to replenish some concealers and buy a new foundation. While at the checkout ordering my foundation, yep, Nordstrom does that…free of charge…since they didn’t have my color in stock (now do you see why I love Nordstrom?!) I noticed that Laura Mercier now offers her concealers in a handy dandy form. They look EXACTLY LIKE Bobbi Brown‘s packaging of concealer with under eye powder but in brown and now offer the corrector AND concealer in the top layer with powder underneath!

Watch out Bobbi, looks like someone is catching on to the economic hardships and trying to appeal to those that want to buy ONE product (getting 3) instead of TWO separate. Hmmm…which would you do? Talk about easing the travel dilemma, too.

So, of course, I had to have one. :-/ Comes with the territory. Makeup junkies unite! 🙂

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