Feedback from our fellow makeup artists!

We try to stay in constant contact with our fellow makeup artists at the counters so we can update you on all the great new things that are coming out! My friend Olivia that works for Dior in Wilmington has let us know about the AWESOME Dior Iconic Mascara coming out in new shades! Here’s what she said: “I have never blogged before… but I saw you had Dior ICONIC on your blog…I work for Dior now and wanted to let you know that it is coming out in brown and in Dior blue in a few weeks and it will come waterproof by the summer …I think. I love that mascara. I sell out all the time.”
So ladies…head on over to see Olivia if you’re near Wilmington or to your nearest Dior counter to test out that awesome Dior Blue mascara and let us know what you think! Makeup is so much fun!! 🙂

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