1 Year Anniversary Weekend in Asheville, NC

Jeremy and I celebrated our first year of wedded bliss last weekend in Asheville, NC. 🙂 I can’t believe it’s even been a whole year already! For all you ladies that are rushing your weddings and planning, planning, planning…let me just say–slow down! It all goes so fast! Though you think you’re ready to just have it planned and get it over with enjoy all the time you have for it is so short. And even more, enjoy your first year together.

Jeremy and I spent a Valentine’s Day in Asheville right before our 2008 wedding and loved the city so much that we decided to go back for our anniversary. This time around it was beautiful sunny weather without the usual NC humidity and believe it or not, no rain until the very last day of our trip! We had a wonderful time.

We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance off Woodfin Street and could not have been more pleased. The modern tastes of the furniture and decorations were right up our alley and it was within WALKING DISTANCE to everything downtown! It was awesome! We hardly had to drive anywhere. In fact, the only places we drove to were Marshall, NC for horseback riding at the Sandy Bottom Trails and Grove Park Inn on Sunday for dinner. The rest was all within walking distance.

Our weekend was full of FOOD (that should come to no surprise to those that know Jeremy and I personally). We went downtown everyday and had delicious meals at different places. Some of the most mentionable spots were Green Sage Coffee House, Mayfel’s, Chorizo and Bistro 1896. Now for dinner Jeremy and I splurged and went all out at two places Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday we went to Rezaz Mediterranean down in Biltmore Village and we both have to say that it was THE BEST food, service, atmostphere, etc EVER! We could not have been more pleased with this place. Everyone we asked in Asheville had great things to say about this restaurant and all urged us to go. So thank you Asheville!

On Sunday (our Anniversary) we woke up to breakfast in our room–just like the honeymoon! 🙂 Next we went downtown to Sensabilities Day Spa for a couples massage with the best therapists around. Amy and Cameron were amazing. I had a hot stone massage that was to die for…seriously! These ladies really know what they are doing. The spa was so relaxing and everyone there was so pleasant and knowledgeable. No one even tried to sell us product…which is great! We just enjoyed our time and then went out for another stroll downtown to see some of the vendors on the street. We picked up a beautiful coral bracelet for my mom (to say thanks for babysitting our doggies) and a gorgeous torquoise necklace and earrings set from the very talented Gabriella Egan. Her jewelry is stunning. Check out her site…I’m sure you’ll find something you have to have, too!

After being downtown for the better part of the day we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We exchanged gifts there (Jeremy had a beautiful set of sapphire earrings made to match my ring by Holland’s Jeweler’s) and then we were off! We decided to go to Grove Park’s balcony restaurant called Sunset Terrace. It overlooks the city and in the background is a gorgeous view of the mountains. The view was spectacular and we recommend everyone go there at least for drinks if you can’t stay for a meal. We toured the facility but weren’t too impressed with the Inn side. The food was great; however, the service lacked a bit for what we were paying…and it didn’t help that we were comparing it to the night before at Rezaz.

All in all, though it was a great dinner, great company and and great 1st year anniversary! I highly recommend all you “mountain wedding seekers” out there to take a look at some of the places I’ve mentioned and let us know if you have other places you enjoy frequenting on your trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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