Aubrey and Justin’s Wedding

Aubrey and Justin were married at their beautiful family winery in Virginia, Rosemont Vineyards. The setting for their beautiful wedding was perfect. These ladies were so much fun! (How could you NOT have loads of fun at a vineyard, right?!)

Bustles and Blooms planned the event of a lifetime. Sherrie and Andrea left no stone unturned as they shelled out a fun-filled, high-class soiree that lingered well into the night. The ladies at Bustles and Blooms do an excellent job at covering all the bases. They help to remember the little things that we might forget when planning big events. Some of my favorites for Aubrey’s wedding were the place cards held up by corks and tables labeled by brand of wine (Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, etc). Also, they knew how much fun this crew was going to have so they even masterminded a table with flip-flops for people to change into as to keep the dancing going on all night long! How fun!

Aubrey was such a cool bride that she gave one of mine and Jennifer’s FAVORITE gifts as favors to her guests…WINE! (no, we’re not alcoholics…we just love our ladies night with a bottle –or two– of wine! Who doesn’t?!) šŸ™‚

We’re attaching some photos from Aubrey’s phenomenal photographer, Robert Harris, out of Richmond and Southern Virginia. His work is amazing and we’re so happy to have worked with him. There are plenty so enjoy all the shots…we did!

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