Allison & Brett

We just can’t get enough of these military men, I tell ya! This is the second military wedding in a month! We’re so happy for this couple. Their strong will and sacrifice are a testament to just how great their marriage will be. We wish Allison and Brett the best!

We just got the pictures back from Allison and Brett’s gorgeous nuptials at the Preston Woodall House in Benson, NC. Stacy Borelli with Swank Photo Studios took so many amazing photos that it was really hard to narrow them down for this blog. Her work is awesome and if you’re in need of a photographer still you should definitely check her out…you won’t be sorry!

Allison and Brett were married in Benson last month. I had personally never visited the Preston Woodall House but my biz partner, Jennifer House, raved about it. Once we got there for the wedding I could see why. It’s awesome! Basically it’s a main house with several rooms (it’s a bed and breakfast) to stay in. There was so much room for the girls to get ready upstairs and the reception was held inside downstairs. The ceremony was actually outside and really holds a lot of people–believe it or not. I think what sets this place apart is that the owner actually owns several other houses around the main house and rents those out for guests, as well. Your whole wedding party can stay there or some nearby hotels. Very nice!

Allison worked with Your Special Day event planners and Shawn Schindler, owner, really outdid herself! The vendor list for this wedding was spectacular. Definitely some of the best groupings we’ve worked with as we’re sure Allison can attest!

I’ve picked out some of the great pictures from Swank Photo Studios but there are so many more on Stacy’s blog here. I hope you enjoy these! Thanks again Stacy!

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  1. Nice photography on this one! I worked as a wedding photographer (briefly!) years ago, so I do enjoy all of photography you feature.


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