Vaneesha + Logan

Vaneesha and Logan’s wedding was a perfect way to end 2009 and start 2010. Their wedding really reminded me of all the joys that come with a new union. Vaneesha (or “V” as her friends and family call her) found us from a distance–planning in Chicago. After meeting her for a jam-packed wedding planning weekend visit I knew that she was going to be one of our most awesome brides. She’s truly a kind soul and so much fun to be around.

V used several of North Carolina’s best vendors. Some of which were: Our friends Andrea and Sherrie from Bustles and Blooms as her wedding planners, the fantastically talented Kellie Kano out of Greensboro for her photographer, and one of our favorite DJ’s in the Southeast, DJ Joe Bunn. This crowd was sure to please, and that they did!

Another side note before venturing into Kellie’s amazing photos of V and Logan’s day was Logan’s uber-sweet wedding gift to V before their ceremony. He gave her a laminated copy of his journal entry the night he knew she was “the one”. Agh! How precious! But ladies, for those of you out there gasping right now at how cute that was…I can honestly say that he must get his sentimental side from his father. After meeting his parents a couple times before the wedding (because I did a makeup lesson/party with his mother and her friend before the wedding) his parents told me the most awesome story about how Logan’s mother MADE his father’s tie that he wore on their wedding day. And get this…his dad has worn that same tie to every single wedding that he has gone to ever since! How precious!

Ok, enough of the sentiment and on to the gorgeous makeup and even more gorgeous couple! Thanks Kellie for sharing these pictures and we look forward to more of your work!

These are my photos of how gorgeous and HAPPY V was after getting ready. So beautiful!! Thanks for letting me share your day!

5 Replies to “Vaneesha + Logan”

  1. Such a stunning bride! Her make-up is flawless! I can't wait for makeupforyourday to be part of my day in October:)


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