Personal Consultations To Update YOUR MAKEUP BAG!!

One of my favorite things about beauty is offering my knowledge and teaching skills to help others learn better ways to utilize what is already in their makeup bag, as well as some supplementary items that they may want to add to their regimen.  I have offered consulting services for a few years now but haven’t actively marketed myself for at-home one-on-one or group setting consultations…until now.  After doing these regularly for the past year and a half and having repeat customers that enjoy our seasonal “updates” to their makeup bags and makeup tips I realize I should really get the word out!

If you’re someone who would like PERSONALIZED service, a makeup LESSON, a face chart with recommendations (because I don’t sell products…just solutions to your queries), give us a call!  I’d love to meet you and set something up.

Here’s a recent review from one of my clients and she’s a shining example of why we (and me especially) love what we do!!  Thank you Meredith, you were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing you again soon for an “update”! 🙂

“I  arranged a two-hour consultation and makeup lesson with Makeupforyourday in order to help me update my look and learn makeup application techniques. I had been searching for a makeup artist who was willing to customize a look for me without limiting me to certain makeup lines sold at cosmetic counters.  Jennifer exceeded all of my expectations!  She met me at my home and I immediately found her to be warm and very comfortable to be around.  We sat at my kitchen table with all of my makeup spread out so she could evaluate what kind of skincare and makeup I was currently using.  I sent her links to pictures beforehand of makeup looks that I liked so that she had a good idea of my personal style and what I was trying to achieve. Jennifer is not a representative for any particular product line so her opinions are unbiased. In fact, she used a lot of my makeup to complete the look and made recommendations for products that I did not have.  She is more than willing to work within your price range. She is incredibly knowledgeable about many makeup lines and can recommend products ranging from drugstore brands to high end cosmetic counters.  As a mother of two young children with a full-time job,  I have very little time for myself. I desperately needed help creating an easy and natural look, but also wanted to step it up and learn how to create a more dramatic look for special occasions.  Jennifer created 3 different looks for me:  a 5 minute look, 15 minute look and a more dramatic evening look.  I have to say that the 5 minute look was amazing and so perfect for those mornings where I am limited on time.  The 15 minute look was very natural and I learned so much about concealer application and how to really open up my tired eyes and hide those dark circles after a sleepless night waking up with kids. And my evening look made me feel beautiful and glamorous!  I have to admit that I went to the grocery store after our appointment and I initially felt weird being all made up for nighttime when it was the middle of the afternoon. This very handsome young man who was at least 20 years younger than me approached me with flirty conversation. It was very flattering even though I am old enough to be his mother! 😉  Thanks for making me feel young and beautiful Jen!!!!!
I HIGHLY recommend Makupforyourday for anyone who needs a makeover, lessons on makeup application or help with picking out products. It’s like having a personal consultant who tells you all about the best products out there so you don’t waste your money trying things that don’t work or that aren’t the right color for you. During our appointment Jennifer took the time to write down personal notes detailing all of the products she used from my bag as well as well as hers to complete all three looks. She also made a customized face chart and e-mailed me links to all of the products she recommended in case I wanted to purchase any of them.  Jennifer is so talented and I fully intend to consult with her in the future so she can help me age gracefully!!”

-Meredith Chisholm

3 Replies to “Personal Consultations To Update YOUR MAKEUP BAG!!”

  1. I LOVE this! I've been asking you for YEARS now that you should give me makeup lessons. I think this is a great idea for a girls' night activity. Hmmm… now I just need an excuse.


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