Questions Answered from REAL BRIDES!

It has come to our attention that REAL BRIDES have questions that are ever evolving.  Here is a recent excerpt from my business partner’s email back to a bride answering hers.  We thought we’d share these with you in case you have the same queries. Enjoy and submit YOUR questions to us, too.  We’d love to chat!

1) Would we be able to know/see some photos of the work whoever would be assigned to us? 

– I would definitely recommend a trial run through for the bride for hair and makeup. The cost for a makeup trial is $50, and the hair trial is included in the price of the hair for the bride. Additional consultations are $25. Consultations for clients residing outside the triangle area can either come to our studio in Cary, NC or pay a travel fee of $.52 per mile plus $25 per hour if it is requested on location outside the triangle area. Either myself or my business partner Jennifer do mostly every bride we book, however on some occasions we will send one of our other skilled artists and hairstylists to work with the bride and her wedding party (we have 7 other artists!). So depending on availability you will most likely get either myself or Jennifer (we can accommodate up to three events on the same day). : )  The photos that you see on our site are a collection of all 9 artists and 3 hair stylists so everyone is of the utmost highest standard and skill level.  We only employ the BEST of the BEST!

2) Do you use airbrush foundation/makeup?

– Yes we do! We use airbrush foundation from Kett Cosmetics, a company out of New York that specializes in the highest quality HD airbrush makeup. The cost for this as listed on the Individual Services Pricing Page and is an additional $20 per person. We also use some of the best cosmetics from lines such as Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and YSL just to name a few. We have been in this business for many years, therefore we have collected lots of “favorites” over the years from various makeup lines. Ones that we know work the best for weddings!

3) I’m definitely scared I’m going to be a major ceremony cry-baby…how do you deal with that – do you have waterproof foundation of some kind? 

– Depending on your skin type and the “look” that you are going for, we would determine whether the standard type foundation or airbrush makeup would be best suited for you. Regardless of which we choose, we use a makeup sealing spray after the makeup look is completed to ensure a “cry-proof” / long lasting makeup / touch up free application. The product that we use for this was created for stage performers since they work under hot lights and extreme weather conditions. I personally have used this on myself, and know that it works with both regular foundations as well as airbrush!!! We also use waterproof eyeliner, eyeshadow base, and waterproof mascara just to be sure!!!

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