Sephora’s New Airbrush

It’s no secret, airbrush is all the rage. And if you’re not in on the secret…well, let’s get you caught up right here and right now!

Our artists at Makeupforyourday LOVE the look (and feel) of airbrush. It gives an absolute flawless finish, is able to cover EVERYTHING (even tattoos–see Jen B’s masterwork on our New Year’s Eve bride for a half sleeve tattoo coverup on our Facebook page!!) and photographs better than any other makeup.

We currently use Kett Cosmetics exclusively for airbrush because, well, they’re the best! We’ve tried other professional brands and they just didn’t work as well.

From a personal standpoint though, there are many different airbrush options for at-home use. That brings us to Sephora’s new airbrush in a can. We’re interested to read the reviews, hear your stories and try it ourselves! What do you think?!

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One Reply to “Sephora’s New Airbrush”

  1. Airbrush makeup is the way to go ladies! We are very proud to offer this service to our brides, and to be honest…I would use the Kett airbrush on my face everyday if I could! I confess that I am a makeup junkie so I'm curious to know how the new Sephora airbrush foundation is. Can't wait to check it out!!!


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