Fake It: How to Highlight and Contour your Face

Holiday Countdown – Day 9!

If done correctly, contouring and highlighting can look really natural and attractive. If done incorrectly, it can look really obvious and it won’t be very flattering. One of the most important things to pulling this off, besides the know-how, are the products. You want to make sure that you are equipped with the right products to make it look natural.

You will need a matte bronzer that is darker than your skin tone, but not too dark. You can use a powder or cream, and you will want it to be about 2 shades darker. This makes it dark enough so it is noticeable, but still light enough to be blended in to look natural.

For a highlighter, there are a variety of consistencies you can choose from. There are liquid highlighters, powder highlighters and cream highlighters. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use, as long as the pigments finely ground so that it is a subtle glow, not a glittery disaster.

Another thing to be aware of is if the highlighter has silver or golden undertones. Choose silver if your skin tone is on the cool side, and a gold highlighter if your skin is a warmer tone.


Start your makeup routine as you usually would with a clean, moisturized face. Then apply your foundation and concealer as you usually would and set it with a powder.

Then take your bronzer and work it into the hollows of your cheeks. To find them, you can suck in your cheeks and do the “fish face.” Start by making a line from your hair line down to about 1 inch from the corner of your mouth. Blend in circular motions and bring the color up to your temples and down to your jawline.

Take your highlighter and apply it onto your brow bones, down the center of your nose and at the top of your cheek bones.

Then apply your blush and anything else as you normally would. And you will have your finished look with a highlighted and contoured face!

Check back tomorrow for day 8 of our countdown that will feature some holiday hair ideas.

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