Hair Play: Inspiration for the Holidays

The holidays can get busy, and sometimes it is hard to think about a great hairstyle that you can try out at a party or a get together. Here is some hair inspiration for the holidays!
Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous with her curly ponytail. First, curl the ends of your hair and spray it with hairspray. Then, tease your hair at your crown and pull it back and secure it with bobby pins. Then take the rest of your hair and put it into a high ponytail. Add some great earrings and you are good to go!

We love this low-key, but unique look that Thandie Newton is wearing. It is a great way to make a plain side-braid really fun. With the holidays, there is no shortage of festive ribbon laying around. Why not make use of it in your next hairstyle? Festive ribbon would also look great in any hairstyle that requires a hair elastic  such as a high or low ponytail  even a bun. First secure the hair with a regular elastic, then add the ribbon!

Emily Blunt looks absolutely stunning here. She turned a regular low bun into a statement hairstyle by adding a feathery embellishment. This works well with her deep part and looks amazing with her hair color and eye color. Why not make a statement with your hairstyle? There are plenty pieces available for purchase in stores, such as a beaded headband, glittery hairpins or gemstone clips. 
If you have short hair, or just short bangs and would like to pin them back, take a note from Kiera Knightley. Her short hair has been taken in small section and twisted and then pinned back. The burgundy textured headband looks great with this messy, undone look. This is a really great holiday hairstyle. 
To pull off a great hairstyle you need great products. Here are some recommendations from talented members of our team!

One of our stylists, Kristin, absolutely loves 12 Benefits Blow Dry Spray. She explains, “it has 12 benefits! But my favorite things about it is that it repairs damaged hair, it’s a heat protectant and it speeds up blow dry time by 50 percent.”

Hair Designer, ElizaBeth, says she never leaves her house without Big Sexy Hair hairspray and Kathy, a stylist and cosmetologist on our team, names it as one of the big three products that she is thankful for. 

Is the thought of the holidays giving you some stress? Tune in tomorrow as day 7 in our countdown will give you some at-home stress busters. 

One Reply to “Hair Play: Inspiration for the Holidays”

  1. Another tip for the ponytail hair style is if your hair is fine/thin, add some dry shampoo to give it texture after you have curled it. Another way to achieve texture is with an “salt spray” which adds texture as well as hold, not to mention has a fabulous smell to it! Some of my favorite products are Oribe “Dry”, TiGi “Rockaholic” dry shampoo, REF “Ocean Mist” and Bumble & Bumble “Surf Spray”.
    Happy Holiday's!
    -Jen House


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