Wake Up, Beautiful!

You know the term beauty sleep? Well, we will let you in on some secrets that can have you waking up looking and feeling great!

First and foremost… cleanse, tone and moisturize. It doesn’t matter what additional things you may do before you go to sleep, if you go to bed without washing or moisturizing your face, it may cause you to break out or get dry patches. Don’t skip this step!

After you brush your teeth, exfoliate your lips (here is great recipe from our DIY Spa Treatment post last week). Then moisturize them. This way when you wake up you will have soft, moisturized lips prepared to take on the day and any great lip color you choose.

For your hair there are a number of things that you can do to prevent morning bed head. Using a silk or satin pillow case (or wrap your hair in a silk/ satin scarf) will help keep the frizzies away. This is because there is much less friction with these materials compared to others, such as cotton. Pillow cases usually crease and cause static when you roll around in your sleep.

Another way to wake up with beautiful hair is to braid it or put it in a bun on the top of your head. Braid your hair to get the crimpy/ beachy waves look. Twist your hair into a loose bun on the top of your hair to get volumized loose curls.

Pile your pillows! Is your pillow really flat? This could be working against you. A flat pillow will cause fluids to gather in your face, which is the main cause of puffy eyes in the morning. If you pile your pillows, this prevents water retention in your face. You don’t need to pile them to the point of neck problems, just enough to have your head slightly elevated.

Moisturize your feet! Of all the “beautifying” you can do overnight, sometimes this is the most noticeable. Before bed, soak your feet (see recipe here), exfoliate if need be, moisturize and then cover with socks and wear them to bed. In the morning when you take the socks off and step out of bed it will feel amazing!

Say cheese. Why not spend some of that zzz time whitening your smile? There are now dissolvable whitening strips available. After you brush your teeth and you are slipping into bed, put dissolving white strips on. That way you can wake up to a whiter smile, no effort needed!

Glow get em! Sometimes dull winter skin can have you waking up always feeling like you look tired. Exfoliated before bed and put on a gradual self-tanner. It won’t be enough to look like you went to Tahiti for the night, but it will be enough to give you a little winter glow.

Check back tomorrow for tips on how to eat your way to healthier skin!

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