MYD’s Head-to-Toe Inspiration for New Years

Happy New Years!

Here are some party looks that you can try tonight to bring in the new year. Whether you are going out or staying in, bring in the new year with a bang!

Try this with the eyes:

Try this new spin on the classic cat eyeliner. Start with a regular cat eye, then bring the liner into the crease of your eye in a reverse triangle. Tip: Be sure to use primer first to prevent the eyeliner from creasing or smudging.

Try these cheeks:

It’s nighttime, it’s colder than usual. Take advantage of this by layering your blush. You don’t want to reach clown status, but by making it a little bolder and darker than your usual daytime look. This will give your makeup the perfect glowing, fresh-faced, evening-look.

Try these lips:

Mix things up. There is no better way to bring in the new year with a bang than to wow people with tangerine lips. These colors are usually associated with the summer months, but we say – go for it. They look great regardless.

Try this face:

We love this structured and defined face that is still very soft and feminine. It looks very clean and matte – pop on some false lashes or a bold lip color and you are good to go!

Try this hairstyle:

This is a very textured and piecey updo. We love the gold star hairpiece, it is a great addition to this undone look. To accomplish this, use some texturizing spray. Bring your hair into an updo and then slowly start pulling small pieces out (tease if necessary) and spray with hairspray. It is a great New Years party hairstyle.

Try this nail art:

Nail art has exploded this year. It has been featured in magazines, it is sweeping Twitter, is rampant in the blogsphere and can be found on the fingers of many people. We love these firework fingernails! They are creative and look great, and only really acceptable tonight or the 4th of July, so we say go for it!

Try this outfit:

Black pants with a sequin silver bustier tucked in and a structured blazer is an amazing look to rock this New Years Eve. It is dressy, but also hip and fun. The sequins feel festive as new years is associated with glitter and fireworks. This outfit can be very versatile too, worn with a black skirt or different sweater/ blazer combo and it would still look great!

 Try this accessory:

This was a great year for clutches. They came in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. It is the perfect accessory for any outfit. We love how it is practical, holding gloss, mini hairspray and anything else we might need on the go – but it still a great fashion piece!

2012 is over, 2013 is on the horizon and it is going to be a good year. We hope that you found inspiration in some of these elements. What look will you try tonight? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or in the comment box below!

Happy New Year – See you in 2013!

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