Expiration Date: When Does Makeup Go Bad?

Do you tend to collect makeup? It is easy to be tempted by the continued release of newer, greater products. All of a sudden there is a mountain of makeup and you’re not sure where it all came from. It is important to keep track of how long you have had makeup to avoid breakouts or irritants caused by bacteria. 

Lipstick and Lipgloss. It is suggested that you pitch your lipstick or lipgloss after 1 year. With all of the different shades and consistencies, this will be a difficult one to accomplish. The average time people own a lip product is about 3 years!

Mascara. Your mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months, regardless of if it is finished. Once you open the tube and oxygen gets in, bacteria starts to collect. This can irritate the eyes, and in severe cases cause ulcers.

Eyeliner. It is suggested that liquid and pencil liners be replaced every 3 months. We also recommend to sharpen the pencil before each use to ensure the pencil is clean.

Foundation. Once you open foundation, you should replace it every 6-12 months. Keep a close eye for any color or consistency changes in the foundation, some could go bad sooner than this estimated.

Powder. To maximize the life of your powder, it is not recommended that you store it in your bathroom where there is lots of moisture and humidity. Instead, store it in a cool, dry place. This will help keep the powder in good condition. Pressed powder can last without a problem for 2 years, and loose powder can last for 3 years before you have to worry about throwing it out, or replacing it.

Concealer. Liquid concealer should be thrown out after 1 year of use. Concealers that are powders or sticks can last up to 2 years. Like foundation, be mindful of any color or consistency changes – this is a sure tell sign that the product has gone bad and you should pitch it.

Blush. A powder blush has the same shelf life of other powders, 2-3 years. Any cream blush will have a shorter shelf life, of about a year before you should replace it.

These, of course, are just guidelines. Use your best judgement. If your mascara is starting to smell weird, or your foundation has turned into a weird shade or consistency, throw it out. If you are notorious for collecting makeup, a great way to keep track of your products is to buy little mailing labels from the nearest office supply store. Once you buy something new and open it, stick the label on the product and write the date you opened it, or even better – the date you should throw it out on.

Put this on your to do list. Cleansing your makeup collection will help you use up the products that are still good.

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