Don’t Let the Winter Wash You Out!

In the winter months when you retreat to the indoors, the skin tends to get more dry and dull. Not only should you switch up some of the products in your hair and skin routines, but you should also switch out your makeup colors as well.

We’re pulling inspiration from Corinne and Stephen’s winter wedding. Jennifer House worked with the beautiful bride Corinne and picked the perfect winter shades to accomplish a beautiful winter glow. Photos courtesy of Melissa Kay Photography.

With Corinne’s skin tone, Jennifer House worked more in plums for the lips and cheeks, and beautiful browns for the eyes. This gave Corrine a beautiful matte glow that was perfect for the colder weather.

Depending on your skin tone, we love plums and light pinks for the winter. Stay away from too much shimmer as it may wash you out more. Here are some looks we love:

Rooney Mara looks stunning with her oxblood lips and darkly lined eyes. The cheeks were kept a lighter coral shade to keep her skin lighter to balance her dark lips and eyes. The look is completely matte, which looks amazing!

Baby pink blushes look great, especially in the winter, if you have lighter skin tones. It is a fresh-faced looks that gives you a natural flush without looking clownish or overdone. 

Kim Kardashian features a mix of baby pink and coral on her cheek bones. This looks really pretty on her olive skin tone. 

Kerri Washington looks stunning with her apricot cheeks. With darker skin tones, this is a really great color choice and make skin look flushed and flawless. 

What is your favorite blush color? Do you use different products in the summer and the winter? We would love to know! Let us know via FacebookTwitter or the comments box below!

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