MYD Shares Fave Beauty Tricks

It’s happened to all of us, the inevitable broken powder. That slow motion reel of the powder dropping to the ground and smashing everywhere. It’s probably your favorite, so you salvage as much of it as you can and continue to use the chunks. Sound familiar? Fret no more, there is a way to fix your broken powder!

To do this you will need.

– Your cracked powder in the pan.
– A clean, pointed object. (A cuticle pusher works well)
– Rubbing alcohol.
– Tissue.
– Q Tip.

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize that your eyes are really sensitive, so while doing this, be sure that your hands and your tools are clean to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your eyeshadow.

Take your pan of cracked powder, and with your tool start breaking up all of the pieces. You want to break down the pieces until the whole pan is filled with loose powder.

Then take a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the cap of the bottle and slowly pour it into the eyeshadow pan. If you pour too much, don’t worry – the great thing about rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates. If there is too much you will have to wait until some of it evaporates to continue, so pour slowly.

Take your tool again and spread the rubbing alcohol around, when you are finished your loose powder should be more of a paste.

Leave it to dry for a few hours.

When you come back use your fingers to gently test to see if the powder is dry. If it is, take your tissue and fold it in half and then use your fingers to gentle pat down the top of the powder. This will pack it down and flatten the top.

Use a damp Q Tip to clean the lid and the edges of your case.

We recommend that you leave it overnight before using it again to ensure that it is dry. It will look like a completely new eyeshadow when you are done!

Pro Tip: To help prevent your powder from breaking, put a cotton pad or cotton ball on top of the pressed powder before you close it. The cotton should absorb the shock of any traumatic events and leave it in tact.

One Reply to “MYD Shares Fave Beauty Tricks”

  1. Yes it really works i tired it … as the Alcohol evaporates quickly without changing the colour of your makeup hence the common use of this for repairing broken eyeshadows or blush or for pressing loose powder eyeshadows or pigments.

    Here is tip for Resurrect thickened nail polish.. with a few drops of nail polish remover (Or thinner)just add a few drops to a drying bottle of nail polish, shake for 2 minutes, and you should be good to go.


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