Oscar Party Prep: Looks we Love!

To amp up for the Oscars this Sunday, we decided to dissect some looks from past years. This made us even more excited to see the red carpet looks this year! 
Zoe Saldana looked incredible and was glowing. She had a similar hairstyle to Rachel McAdams (see below) and the same youthful look, but the colors were different on her darker skin tone. She has the most beautiful and vibrant coral blush on her cheeks with a highlight. Her eyes are done up with matte black powder. 

Canadian cutie Rachel McAdams always has a fresh, girl-next-door look about her. She is so youthful which is why we love this look for her. It doesn’t make her look too young or too old, it is perfect and laid back. Pink cheeks, pink lips with her hair teased at the crown and pulled back into a bun. We love it!

Oh Sandra – look at those lips! We were surprised when we saw Sandra Bullock with matte hot pink lips on the red carpet because she isn’t particularly known as a risk-taker. She usually looks good, but isn’t memorable. We love her neat, classic hair mixed with a younger, more fun lip and cheek color. 

Halle Berry is so beautiful she hardly needs any makeup. Her short, boyish hairstyle was worn messy and draws attention to her beautiful facial features. She wore a light gloss, and apricot blush and her eyes were defined with black liner and brown shadow, but not overdone. 
Va-va-voom! Jennifer Hudson looks great here. Her skin is absolutely flawless with a subtle coral blush that matches her dress color, a cranberry lipgloss and beautiful eyes! Her eyes are completely matte and are a mix of beige (the inner corner) and brown on the brow bone. Then there is beautiful matte black liner that goes from the inner to outer corner of her eye. 

Mila Kunis had such a pretty dress at the Oscars that people didn’t pay enough attention to her gorgeous hair and makeup. Her finger waves are pinned back into a low, side hairstyle. Her cheeks and lips don a mauve color which complements her lilac-colored dress. Her eyes are fully lined with black liner with brown-gold shadow to create a soft smokey eye.

Jessica Chastain looked radiant at the 2012 Oscars. We absolutely love her hair color, but we also love how it was styled. Her half-up, half-down style was pinned at the back with loose waves cascading down her back. The golden locks looked great with the gold in her dress. Her eyes and lips were a matte sandy pink color which looks great with her hair color and on her lighter skin tone. Her eyes were lined on the top lid with black liner and a slight cat eye. 

A young Emma Stone is already someone to watch on the carpet, on the big screen and in Hollywood. We love how she doesn’t shy away from color or taking risks. Her red hair, red dress and pink eyeshadow? Emma Stone you rock! The black liner gives her eyes some definition and her lips are a subtle pink shade that matches her dress. 

Berenice Bejo was one to watch on the red carpet last year as many people had never heard of her before the motion picture The Artist swept the cinema scene and starting picking up a multitude of awards. Berenice showed up at the Oscars looking great. We love how the braid comes down the side of her head into a low bun, it is a beautiful trendy hairstyle. 

Everyone was anticipating Rooney Mara’s red carpet look at the Oscars. After The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo came out people were intrigued by this beautiful, androgynous girl and people were eager to see her more feminine side. She looked so beautiful with her striking dark hair, straight bangs and slicked back hair into a ballerina bun. Her skin was fresh and completely matte with peachy pink blush. Her lips were a bold, matte red and her brows looked incredible! 

Milla Jovivich looked good, but we aren’t loving her blush. On the right you can see the color in a perfect pink circle. That is how clowns apply makeup! When applying color you need to be sure to blend, blend, blend! The color should be seamless. We do really love Mila’s beautiful hairstyle and red lips, she just need a kabuki brush to help blend her blush in more!
Who are you most excited to see this year? What are your trend predictions – best and worst dressed, who will win? We would love to know!
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