Our Oscar Top Picks!

Deep parts and retro waves were rampant at last night’s Oscars. Leading ladies looked stunning and tended towards fresh skin and pale lips. As for the men, they seem to be bringing back the beards! Here are our top picks from last night’s Oscar event. 

Charlize Theron looked absolutely breathtaking. We love her funky short hair and how it really highlights her gorgeous facial features. Her eye makeup was kept very minimal with liner only on the top outer corner of her eyes with some mascara. Her eyebrows looked incredible and on the carpet her skin had a subtle glow, many of the other leading ladies had matte skin, so we liked seeing Charlize with some beautiful highlights. Her lips are lined with a mauve lip pencil and were filled in with a lighter pink color that is matte. Absolutely gorgeous!

 Halle Berry wanted to look like a Bond girl, and she got what she wanted! With an incredible dress, Halle Berry always looks so effortlessly cool. Her short, dark hair features honey highlights that were styled to be messy. She pulls the look off so it is both edgy and feminine. Her skin looks so fresh with an apricot blush and pink lips. Her eyes were lightly lined with a dark brown, almost black liner and there was a subtle sparkle to her sandy-gold shadow which complemented the subtle sparkle in her dress. 
Sandra Bullock looked beautiful with her straight, smooth, shiny hair. Most women wore their hair in waves, so we like how she did something different and had straight hair. We also love the hair piece behind her ear, we are all about hair accessories! As for her makeup, it was clean and classic with a sandy pink lip, pinky beige cheeks and taupe eyes. This is a great look for her!

Reese Witherspoon looked incredible! This is retro waves done right. She has the deep part with the top  of her hair neat, then the rest of her hair cascades into large, loose waves. Her makeup looked clean with her eyes picking up hints of navy from her dress. Her lips were lightly glossed and there was a subtle pink cheek. Reese looks great, but we still wish she tried some red lips with this look and that dress!

Best actress Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning. Her hair is slightly teased at the crown for some volume and pulled back. Her eyes have black liner on the top of her lid with some matte grey shadow, and her lower lash line is lined with a charcoal grey pencil which makes her eyes pop. Her lips and cheeks were kept a soft pink which works great with her skin tone and looks amazing with her dress.  

Zoe Saldana is such a beautiful woman. She also had a deep part with loose waves cascading down her back. Zoe had a purple dress that was highlighted in her eye makeup. A matte plum was used for her eyeshadow on top of some black eyeliner and mascara. Her lips even looked more of purpley than pink, but were still very subtle.

We love Naomi Watts’ teased and volumized updo. We love retro waves, but there is something amazing about a beautiful dress and the perfect volumized updo. It always looks so chic. Naomi’s eyes picked up on her dress with some greys and silvers. Her cheeks and lips were a more vibrant pink, which gave her a youthful, sexy look.
As we mentioned at the beginning of the post – the beards are back!  We love the scruffy look with a tux. We also love how men are growing their hair longer and combing it, it is a very manly and classy look. We would be okay if it stuck around for a while!  
And now it is time for our winner for best dressed last night… our award goes to Jessica Chastain.

We loved Jessica Chastain’s look. She had memorable matte red lips that just pop on her lighter skin tone. Her lips stoof out in a crowd of nude and pale pink lips. Her eyeshadow was a matte ivory color, and on top of that the black liner and lashes make her eyes pop as everything else was kept simple. Her makeup combined with her deep part and retro waves made this a very classic look. We definitely think that she’s a winner!
What were your top picks from last night? Did you disagree with some of the award choices? We would love to know! Let us know in the comments box below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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