Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding:

When planning your wedding, you may not have budgeted a professional hair and makeup artist yet. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day could be the best decision you make in your planning process.

Photography: Most people can do their own makeup well from the practice of doing it everyday, but very few people actually know how makeup is going to transfer to photography – this is why you need an expert. You want to look and feel your best the day of your wedding, and love the photos afterwards. Professionals will ensure that this happens for you through extensive knowledge of beauty photography as well as using different types of makeup to achieve your wedding look (such as airbrush makeup, various blushes, contouring and highlighting techniques, etc.).

Lighting: Professional makeup artists take into account a variety of lighting scenarios. A makeup artist will know what to do so that your makeup looks good in person, in photographs and in HD videos if you are in a church, in outdoor lighting, indoors or in dark venues.

Videography: Video is now shot in HD and therefore, makeup has to accommodate for this need to look seamless in high definition. This means that makeup needs to be much lighter weight so that it is undetectable to the camera. In high definition, colors show up much more vibrantly, versus in photographs or real life where color gets washed out. A professional makeup artist will know how to balance the mediums so that you will look flawless in real life and in high definition.

Longevity: is especially important on your wedding day. Your wedding day is the best day of your life, but it is also one of the longest days of your life. Professional makeup artists take into account that you will be getting ready long before your event and that your event will last for hours. Professional makeup artists have extensive knowledge on the right products to use, such as stains, setting sprays and special powders to lock in the color and make sure nothing fades throughout the day. This will ensure that you look just as fresh at the end of the reception as when you first walked down the aisle.

Comfort: Professional makeup artists will provide the option of having a trial. This is a great way to take your hair makeup for a test run. This will ensure that all of the colors look the way you want and that your hair looks exactly how you want it to.  This will save time the day of by not having to make too many adjustments on your wedding day when you are on a strict timeline. Professional makeup artists will provide you with a beautiful, wearable look that won’t transfer onto clothing, whether it be onto your white dress, or guests when you hug them.

A wedding is an extremely special occasion. Once you get your photos back you want them to be something you cherish and look upon fondly. They will be your memories and what you show to friends, family members, and those that couldn’t attend your wedding. This is why it is important to make sure you look and feel your best.

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