Light it Right: MYD Preps for Runway Show, Plus Demo Video to Come!

Makeup For Your Day is excited to be doing hair and makeup for the models of a fashion show in Wilmington. Artist and stylist Jen H will be on location to get the models ready, and she has agreed to give us a demonstration with some tips and tricks! 

We love behind-the-scenes footage and we can’t wait to see the products and techniques!

Due to the fact that runway lighting is very harsh and bright, it is very easy to get a ‘washed out’ look if you don’t apply makeup correctly.

1. Even skin is in. First you want to make sure that your foundation and concealer are blended well so that there are no lines or obvious color differences in the makeup. It shouldn’t look like the model is wearing foundation, instead it should look like they have fresh, even skin.

2. Contouring is your best friend. With bright overhead lights and cameras everywhere, using matte contouring products can add depth and define your face shape which will ultimately be more flattering in photos.

3. Blend that blush! Harsh, bright light is the least forgiving, if you don’t blend properly then it will be very noticeable. Unless you are styling a haute couture show with a certain aesthetic that requires the blush to be very obvious, then be sure to blend.

4. Darken those eyes. Just like with your face, you will want to define your eyes with some contouring on the brow bone. If you want your eyes to look dark and stand out. Use liner, mascara and false lashes.

5. Layer. Due to the fact that the lighting is harsh and can wash you out, be sure to layer your products. Blush, mascara, liner – do double-time for these products so that they really stand out. It may look too dark under regular lighting, but it will look lighter under the runway lights.

We can’t wait for Jen H to give us a behind-the-scenes demo, be sure to stay tuned for the announcement of our video upload!

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