Turn your Fave Lipstick into Gloss: MYD Tips and Tricks

We love this fun, simple and quick way to turn any lipstick color into lipgloss. It is a great way to make new colors with what you have. All you will need is:
– A Lighter, Tea Light or Candle (You need some sort of flame)
– A Metal sSoon
– A Lipstick 
– A Toothpick
– Vaseline or Aquaphor
– A Container (A contact case works great!)
– Eye Shadow (Optional) This is to add shimmer if you would like.
1. Use the toothpick to take the top portion of your lipstick
2. Put this in your metal spoon with some Vaseline/ Aquaphor
3. Hold the spoon over the flame until it melts
4. If you use more than one lipstick color, or you added some eyeshadow pigment for sparkle, use your toothpick to stick the liquid in the spoon
5. Pour the color into the desired container
The final product should look like this when it dries. And it is the perfect, unique shade just for you!
The great thing about this is that you can create whole palettes this way. We love the versatility. You can control how sheer the color is depending on how much Vaseline/Aquaphor you add. You can mix multiple colors to create completely new shades and if you like, you can add shimmer with eyeshadow. 
What color gloss would you like to make? We would love to know. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

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