The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

There are so many articles and photos about finding the right hair cuts and hairstyles for your face shape. We found a great questionnaire from The Beauty Department that will help discern with certainty what your face shape is. Then we will give you some photos for inspiration!
If you have an oval face shape, you can look to Jessica Alba for inspiration. Arguably, an oval face shape can be the mos versatile. Jessica Alba has had a variety of hairstyles including short hair, long hair, side-swept bangs and straight bangs. 

For anyone with square shaped faces, you can look at Kiera Knightley. She looks stunning with an angled bob. It suits her square face shape perfectly and is slimming at her jawline.

For pear shaped faces, Kelly Osbourne is great inspiration because she takes risks and has tried a variety of hairstyles. We love how the deep part looks on her and think that the updos look so elegant on her.

For heart shaped faces, Reese Witherspoon has had some great hairstyles. She has tried straight, curly, side-swept bangs and straight bangs. She always looks so classy and feminine. 

If you have a diamond shaped face, Scarlett Johansson has tried interesting cuts, colors and styles throughout the years. We absolutely love the the wavy bob on her!

For an oblong face shape, Kate Beckinsale has some great looks. For long hair in general, Kate Beckinsale always has shiny healthy looking locks and amazing hairstyles. Although she doesn’t experiment with length much, the long tresses suit her longer face shape. 
Liv Tyler Has great options for people with rectangular face shapes. She has sported different updos, bang styles and hair lengths. We love her side swept bangs and prefer her with longer hair. 
If you have an inverted triangle face shape, look to style chameleon Ashlee Simpson for inspiration. She has tried a variety of lengths and colors that suit her face shape well. From ombre, to red, to straight bangs and side bangs, to a long bob, a short bob and a pixie cut. 
Ginnifer Goodwin is a great go-to if you are thinking of cutting your hair short. She has had shoulder length hair, long bobs and is currently featuring a totally cute pixie cut. The pixie cut looks amazing on her round face shape. It makes her features stand out much more than when she had long hair. 
Once you find your face shape it is easier to determine what sort of bangs, layers and updos will look good on you. For other photos, check out our Facebook page. We have such a talented team of stylists who have worked with a variety of face shapes and hair textures. 

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