A Spring Trend that you Should Try!

Nail art has become increasingly popular and it is amazing to see what people can accomplish on their nails. The art can range from a simpler design like two-tone nails, stripes or chevron to a completely advanced design of movie characters or holiday decor. 
We love this fairly simple coral nail with peach tips, it is perfect for springtime. The glitter and rhinestone add some extra oomph as well.
These Olympic nails are a great idea! We will have to wait until the winter Olympics next year to try them out. 
 This is an absolutely beautiful design. We love the ballerina pink nails with a hint of soft, silver glitter at the bottom of the nail close to the nail bed. 
 These nails are definitely show-stoppers! An increasing trend in nail art is to glue pieces to the nail to make it 3-dimensional. We love the use of gluing the flowers to the nails for the eyes of the skulls.
 We love the intricate design and colors used in this nail art. The black, white, purple, pink, orange and mint make an interesting palette for a very interesting variety of designs such as dots, lines, dashes and squiggles. 
 Summer is fast approaching, and these fruity nails give off a very summery vibe. 
 These nails are adorable! We love the creative genius, as well as colors used for these nails that were inspired by the Pixar movie Up. 

These nails are perfect for everyday, but we think these would be especially perfect for the 4th of July! We love the red, white and blue!

Scrabble tiles? We love how creative people get. This is a great and versatile idea that can be fairly simple for people that are less experienced with nail art. This would require a thin, brush-like tool to be able to neatly paint the letters. 
 These Toy Story nails are adorable. They make us nostalgic for the unforgettable characters that these movies feature. 
These nails are so fun and are perfect for summer. We love how this nail artists achieved a messy look without a mess. The surface of the nail is still smooth and the colors aren’t too blended together. This was achieved by waiting for each layer to completely dry before adding a new one. 
 We love holiday nails, and with Easter around the corner, we wanted to share these cute Easter nails. 

We want to know if you have ever tried nail art! What colors and tools did you use? Let us know via the comments box below, or post a photo on Twitter and share it with @makeup4yourday .

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