MYD Detangles the Pros and Cons of Hair Brushes

At Makeup for Your Day we love hair as much as we love makeup! One question we come across a lot is about accomplishing a smooth, frizz-free hairstyle. We always say that it is a combination of hair spray, know-how and the right tools! Thanks to The Beauty Department, we have this awesome info graphic to share! 
#1 Is a standard paddle brush. This brush is great for detangling, scalp massaging and for a quick blow dry. If your paddle brush features rounded nylon pin-bristles with an air cushion, then it won’t cause static. A paddle brush is a definite must-have! – Featured Above: The Denman Paddle Brush
#2 The boar bristles on the wooden round brushes like this Ibiza Round Brush are perfect to create bounce and shine in any hairstyle. The bristles are coarse and dense which make it efficient in any hair type or texture.
#3 Metal round brushes are one of the most commonly used brushes for people styling their hair at home. This kind of brush acts as a curling iron when used with a blow dryer. The hollow brush allows hair to flow through the barrel which speeds up drying time. – Featured Above: Cricket Metal Round Brush
#4 This combo brush is the perfect combination of brush #2 and brush #3. Since this brush features boar bristles and nylon bristles, it allows more control than you would have with a regular metal core brush. The boar bristles provide some tension so you can really work with the hair to create a smooth, straight style, or hair with lots of body. – Featured Above: WarrenTricomi Metal Core Brush
#5 If you have ever had bangs, you will know that they tend to have a mind of their own. This Spornette G36 brush is an excellent tool that will help you style your fringe the way that you want . The size, as well as the combination of bristles makes it the perfect adversary for those misbehaving bangs!  
#6 The Mason Pearson Brush is the Queen of all brushes. This brush consistently gets amazing reviews and is featured on must-have lists. This brush carries a hefty price tag, but if you are serious about taming those fly aways then this is a must-have!
#7 For people who would rather not splurge $150 on a hair brush, the Denman Large Boar Bristle Brush is comparable. Although this brush doesn’t work as well, it can still get the job done. Along with taming the frizzies, this brush is great for soft teasing. 
We want to know what your favorite hair products and tools are! What are your must-haves and tips to tame your fly aways? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or the comments box below! 

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