Spotlight on: Bobbi Brown

Due to the fact that March is Women’s month, we wanted to shed light on a very successful business woman that was, and is, essential to the cosmetic industry. Bobbi Brown graduated from Emerson College with a degree in theatrical makeup. After she graduated, she moved to New York City to become a professional makeup artist. 

 While working, Bobbi found that most products were too artificial, which made it difficult to achieve a gorgeous, natural look. On a magazine shoot, Bobbi met a chemist which would be the beginning of something big in the cosmetic industry. Bobbi wanted to create a lipstick that wasn’t greasy or drying that would look like natural lips, but enhanced. The chemist worked with Bobbi to create these unique lipsticks with innovative ingredients. 

In 1991, 10 brown-based lipsticks were debuted in Bergdorf Goodman. One hundred lipsticks sold the first day!

After the initial success of her lipstick line, Bobbi expanded to foundations. She created yellow-based foundations (opposed to the pink-based foundations that ruled the market) this revolutionized face makeup as it is know today. 

An innovator, a makeup artist, a teacher and a successful business woman. A once struggling freelance makeup artist has worked incredibly hard and built a cosmetic empire. She is so inspiring to artists, entrepreneurs and women everywhere!

What women inspire you? We would love to know! Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below! 

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