Ask the Experts with MYD’s Reader Request Series

At Makeup for Your Day we love everything hair and makeup, and we want to share what we know with you. We have a large team of talented artists and stylists with many years of experience. Our team has used a plethora of products, encountered many beauty blunders (and overcame them) and have picked up some industry secrets along the way!
As we gear up for wedding season to begin in May, we are going to dedicate the last week of April to posts that you want to read. Let us know product reviews, techniques, or tips and tricks that you want to know. Whether it is about makeup brushes, lip color, great hairsprays, our top recommendations for hair styling tools, what is in our bags – anything! 
We will collect any responses that we receive (from now until April 19) on Twitter, Facebook and the Comments box below and start crafting a week’s worth of responses that you request. 

We are extremely excited for our very first Reader Request Series! Be sure to let us know any beauty qualms or questions that you have and our amazing and knowledgable staff of artists and stylists can answer them for you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

2 Replies to “Ask the Experts with MYD’s Reader Request Series”

  1. I have really thin eyebrows, and I want to know how to fill them in properly so that they don't look fake! What sort of products and colors should be used?


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