The New York Times features MYD’s Jen B!

Do you find cosmetic aisles, stores and counters confusing and overwhelming to navigate? Are you stuck in the same makeup routine that you have had for years? Cosmetic personal shoppers are becoming increasingly popular and have the ability to share their knowledge and years of expertise to help women choose the right items and improve their makeup routines. 
We are so excited to share that our very own Jen B was quoted in a New York Times article about personal shopping with women in need of new cosmetics. 
If you tend to spend money on the wrong products, or don’t use what you buy, this is a great option. With many years in the industry as an extremely talented makeup artist, and experience behind the counter at Nordstrom, Jen B is extremely knowledgeable about the products, brands and colors that will suit your needs. 
She and the MYD Team can walk you through a great everyday routine, and a nighttime look for dates and special occasions during one of our MYD Beauty Lessons. One of the main goals of the lesson is to ensure that you feel comfortable properly applying your new products and that they look great and suit your everyday needs. 
To read the full article about cosmetic personal shoppers that Jen B was featured in click here
To inquire about any of our services, click here.
Do you have a question about any products you have used, or would like to try? Don’t forget that our Reader Request Series will be starting next week. We already have some great questions, so keep them coming!

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