MYD Bride Kelly inspires beautiful Date Night Makeup

Kelly was such a beautiful, sweet bride – we absolutely loved working with her! MYD artist Kerri gave her the perfect “blushing bride” look. We think that this is a gorgeous bridal look and we also think that this is a perfect makeup look for a date night!
[All photos courtesy of Dancing Heart Photography]
Kelly reminds us a lot of brunette starlet Lucy Hale. Like Kelly, Lucy also wears fresh skin with pink cheeks and defined eyes. We definitely think that this look is date-night-worthy!
We love how the look is subtle, but also has just enough emphasis on the eyes and cheeks. Both Kelly and Lucy have a pinky glow to their cheeks which gives them that perfect “flush.” If you want to try this look on date night, we suggest that you keep a more neutral lip color like Kelly and Lucy. 

In a wedding, having defined eyes looks great in photos. On date night, defined eyes are alluring and can transform your daytime look into a stunning nighttime look. 

What are some of your favorite date night looks? Do you prefer subtle eyes and a bright lip? Let us know in the comments box below!

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