Spotlight on… Inglot Palettes

When it comes to building your makeup kit, there are certain essentials that you should have in your collection. The great thing about having palettes for your essentials is that there will be a variety of shades of what you need to mix and experiment with. Inglot has great palettes that we wanted to spotlight in today’s post.

Inglot’s palettes are great to travel with because on each corner there is a magnet so the top sticks on and you don’t have to worry about the top opening or breaking in a travel bag.

This is a highlight palette from Inglot. It has white, light beige, vanilla and peachy shades. These are perfect bases for the lid to build color on top of. These colors also work great as matte highlights for the brow bone.

A contour palette is another great palette to have. The two brown shades on the left would be great cheek contours, and the greys and purples are perfect for the crease of your eye. This will give your eyes dimension.

A blush palette is one of the best palettes to buy. This is because most people don’t experiment with a wide variety of blush shades. A color might look a little daunting in the packaging, but can look amazing on your skin. Plus, mixing blushes can create new colors that are interesting and flattering.
Shimmer palettes are great to have to give some dimension to your look. Next time you’re ready to walk out the door, put a shimmer eyeshadow on your finger and dab it into the middle of your eyelid, you will be surprised at how something so simple can make you look so awake. 
Do you have a must-have palette? We would love to know what you love to use and travel with. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below. 

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