Warby Parker Glasses

You may have noticed on Instagram or Facebook that I took the plunge and ordered five frames from Warby Parker with their At Home Try On program last week.  Obviously, it’s time for a review!

After ordering through their awesome online portal (you can choose frame style, color and some even the sizes) the emails began.  I can definitely say that they have their program down to a science.

The automated emails tell you exactly when you should have received your frames, instruct you on taking photos and uploading to social media for feedback from friends and even give you contact info for people at Warby Parker to help you out if you need it with choosing the frame, using your HSA account or insurance, ordering, etc.  Overall, VERY impressed with their customer service.

 So on to the good stuff…the frames!  Here are the five I picked out: Ballard, Ainsworth, Clyde, Welty and Nash.  I really want a pair of blond tortoise-shell frames but unfortunately all of the frame styles didn’t have the blond available at time of ordering to try on at home.  BUT…you can still order any of the frames in that color if it’s an option on the site.

Here’s a collage of trying all five on.  A couple of them (the Nash and Clyde) I immediately knew I didn’t like but the Ballard #3, Ainsworth #2 and Welty#5 took a little more time to pick between.

After showing a couple of the gals at the studio, getting feedback from Jen House and ultimately the hubs’ input…drumroll please…I’m ordering the Ballard #3 in the gimlet tortoise (blond)!  I can’t wait to get them back and sport my new Warby Parker’s (I mean, obviously I’m a sucker for the name).  🙂

As if just getting to try on glasses in the comfort of your own home and getting feedback from all your friends (which you can’t do at the optometrist’s office) isn’t temptation enough to try this company out, they’re also giving back to the community.  Yep, just like one of my favorite companies, Toms, this company gives glasses 1:1, too!  Read up about it…pretty awesome what they’ve been able to accomplish.

How many of you have tried Warby Parker?  I had great feedback from friends and clients on Instagram and Facebook about their experiences and want to hear more.  If you’re thinking about trying them out, do it!  And let us know!  Tag +Makeup for Your Day and send us some pictures.  We can’t wait to see what they look like on you and give us your review.

~Jen B.

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