How to Take a Wedding Social…with Style!

PART 1 of 3: You’re Engaged! How to Make the Big Announcement with Social Savvy.

Social media plays a role in many modern engagements. In the tech-savvy world that has raised the e-generation, social media is the easiest way to officially move relationships to the next level. A wedding is the biggest event in a relationship, and the social media post that announces the upcoming nuptials of a couple has become the equivalent of the bygone tradition of the newspaper engagement announcement.
When a couple becomes engaged, the first instinct is to tell the world. In the age of social media, telling the world is a bit easier…for better or worse. The engagement sets the stage for a full-blown social media announcement complete with an engagement ring selfie.
Logging on to Facebook is simply the touch of an app on most phones; it’s incredibly easy in the rush of the excitement to post the news to everyone. Ignore the first instinct. In the past, a future groom had to ask the permission of the father of his beloved before popping the question. While this tradition is outdated and widely swept aside, parents should always be the first to hear the news of the engagement. Call mom and dad—yes, CALL—before posting any news on social media. After parents, make sure to inform close
friends and family. Then make the announcement on social media.

When posting the engagement news on social media, keep it short and sweet. An engagement ring selfie and a shot of the couple should be included with the announcement.


Save the big story with all the details on how the engagement happened for the couple’s wedding website. While starting a site isn’t a must-do, a wedding site gives opportunities to fill in friends on all the details. The site can then be shared via social media channels. Resist the urge to make any formal announcements about the wedding during the engagement excitement. This is a thrilling time, but don’t rush into assigning roles or designating wedding party members yet…and be wise about making social media announcements about attendants when the decisions have been finalized.

The engagement is only the beginning. The couple will want to share many details as the wedding planning ramps up and the big day draws near. With the engagement officially announced, the wedding planning takes precedent.
Stay tuned later this week for Part 2!
Written by Naomi Shaw for Makeup for Your Day

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