How to Take a Wedding Social…With Style!

Part 3: Social Media Limitations at the Ceremony
You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE

Some couples go all-in on social media for their big day by hiring companies to live tweet and take streaming video of the wedding ceremony and reception. Other couples stick to the traditional route of hiring a professional photographer and posting pictures on social sites post-honeymoon. Even if a couple hires a professional to live stream the wedding, some aspects of the wedding day should remain private. Social savvy couples should spend moments that aren’t captured just for the sake of social media channels.
Post a few wedding day selfies or snapshots of getting ready. However, before posting any
professional photos, make sure the photographer signs off. Professional photographers own the copyrights to their photos. Encourage guests to take candid snapshots with camera phones at the reception. If cameras are off-limits at the ceremony, be sure guests know ahead of time . Set-up a site where guests may download their photos so pictures can be viewed by guests.
 While candid photos can capture fantastic memories and moments, be sure not to post anything that might embarrass a guest, wedding participant or family member. The internet is forever…let that rule always be the guide on posting photos.
After the wedding day ends, the honeymoon begins. Yes, the honeymoon is all about the couple and romance in newly-wedded bliss. However, the honeymoon also inspires numerous photos of exotic locales, frothy drinks by cabanas and cute photos of the new couple. Give guests a few photos from the honeymoon via social media.
Always remember that a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. Enjoy the big moments and the small ones in between…otherwise, there will be thousands of photos and few real memories.
Written by Naomi Shaw for Makeup for Your Day

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