Build Strong Foundation for Your Relationship Through Healthy Actions

The most memorable, exciting, emotional, kind of chaotic, happy, joyful, with a touch of stressful, day of a person’s life is most likely one’s wedding day.  If you are reading this, then I am assuming your wedding day is in the near future so CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, no biggy!  What I am sharing with you is useful even if you’re not preparing a wedding 🙂

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I got married this past October 7th in a rustic yet elegant barn sitting on a HUGE farm located in Summerfield, North Carolina.  The place is called Summerfield Farms and I highly recommend them!  Seeing my bride walk down the aisle brought me to tears (lots of them) full of joy and happiness and I realized that I was the luckiest man in the world.  Megan and I started dating March 2014 and immediately began sharing the things that we enjoy.  For Megan, that was sharing stories from the past, going on picnics, asking deep questions to better get to know the other person,  and her love for nature.

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For me, it was various things but most of all it was my enjoyment of being physically active.  Megan had very little experience with this before meeting me so this was a whole new world to her.  As we continued dating, we continued to work out together and share that time with each other.  Looking back now as a married couple, working out together while we dated helped build a strong foundation for our relationship.  We supported, encouraged, and motivated each other when we were working out.  For those couples out there that are not already doing this, I encourage you to find physical activity that you can enjoy together and stay committed to that routine just as much as you stay committed to each other.  Do you 100% have to workout together every single time you do it, no, but you should definitely make efforts to spend this time together often.  A couple that works out together, stays together.  You may learn something new about the other person too! I will share some ideas to get you started!

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1.Join a Gym.

Look for a local gym and get signed up!  I am bias toward the YMCA because of all that their facilities have to offer, but if that is not a possibility for you then any gym with cardio machines and weights are good.  Megan and I go on average 4 days a week to get a workout.  We go and enjoy each others company as much as we enjoy the health benefits we receive from the physical activity.  Many gyms have workout classes throughout the week so if you are inexperienced, check out a class with your loved one.  Enjoy 🙂

2. Exercise Outside or at Home.

If you are not interested in paying a gym membership then maybe you make your “gym” be the environment right outside your own home.  From time to time, we will go right outside our house and go for a run together.  Other times, just a simple walk is enough after a tiring day.  We use that time to be active but catch up on how each other’s day was.

If exercising outside isn’t an interest to you and you don’t have a gym membership, maybe you can invest in a workout DVD and some equipment to exercise in the comfort of your home.  We have the Insanity DVD workout series and like to use that when exercising at home.  I will let you in on a secret, after one of those Insanity workouts I am completely exhausted!  It is a very intense workout and I cannot keep up with them all the time, but it is an awesome workout to engage in at your own pace.

3. Go for a Hike.

Hit the trails with your loved one and go explore nature!  Make sure you take lots of pictures with each other but also the beautiful scenery you will find along your journey.  Don’t forget to pack plenty of food and water.  You may even want to find a spot to sit down and enjoy a lunch and just appreciate the moment you are in.  We do not see hiking as an exercise anymore.  For us, it is a time of deep connection.  There is a sense of togetherness when you are on a hike in the woods or mountain that creates a bond that no gym that I know of can do.  In terms of your relationship, this may become a routine event for you like it does for us!

4.  Play Recreational Games

Ever play racquetball?  Well if you haven’t, you should try it.  We do not know the rules of the game, but just being able to violently hit a rubber ball around a room together……is a little nuts, but can be quite enjoyable.  If you have access to a basketball court or tennis court, try your hand in some free throws or a little game of tennis.  Just remember that you are doing this together and it should be quality time while getting physically active.  If you both find it enjoyable to get a little competitive then by all means have at it, after all a little competition could be fun!

5.  Cook Together

This is not a physical activity example, but if your being healthy together then you better be making healthy meals in the kitchen.  Oh and men…..the woman does not have to do all the cooking!  Get yourself in that kitchen, grab a knife, and start slicing some veggies!  We are not spectacular cooks, but boy oh boy do we love making a mess in the kitchen and whipping up a healthy meal together.  We don’t love the cleaning up part, but we do it together.  Many hands make light work right?  Make it an un-stressful event, cook up something you’re both interested in, don’t worry about being perfect, turn on some music, light some candles, and HAVE FUN.

I wish you all the best in building a foundation for your relationship through physical activity and healthy behaviors.  Supporting each other in this area is a great start in being supportive in other areas of life and within your relationship.  If a person’s relationship is unsatisfying, than no amount of vegetables, exercise, or green tea will make them feel their ultimate best.  I am so grateful that Megan and I find enjoyment in being physically active and healthy and sharing that with each other and I hope you find the same enjoyment with this in your relationship.

Do you find yourself struggling with your health?  Are you having trouble losing that weight for your big day or just want more energy to do more things?  Are you nervous that your skin won’t look amazing on your wedding day?  We should chat!  I would be honored to have a Complimentary Motivation Consultation with you to discuss your main health concerns and where you need support.  You can contact me directly at and by doing so I will send you my free gift!

But wait….THERE’S MORE!  When you contact me be sure to tell me you read this blog post and you will receive a special rate for my 6 Month Health Coaching Program!  I look forward to connecting with you!

In Health & Happiness,

Anthony Pirrocco, HHC                                                                   Motivational Holistic Health

This blog was written for Makeup for Your Day by Anthony. Anthony is a Raleigh North Carolina based Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Educator.  His passion is helping people learn how to reconnect with their bodies, make the right food and exercise choices to achieve healthy weight, and find a balance in the demands of their life to achieve wellness and happiness.  His coaching revolves around  “Bio-Individuality” and a Whole Foods lifestyle.

If you are interested in working with Anthony, he invites you to a Complimentary Motivation Consultation to discuss your health concerns and goals.  Contact him at or 919-749-3537.  You can also check out his Facebook page by searching Anthony Pirrocco – Health Coaching or visit his website HERE.

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