MYD Inspiration: Pink Eyeshadow!

Hey MYD Beauties!

Valentines Day is right around the corner, which gives you another opportunity to play with makeup! If you tend to wear more natural eyeshadow on a day to day basis this is the perfect opportunity for you to really have fun and break out some color! Three palettes that I am absolutely loving for this Valentines day are the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, the Tartelette palette by Tarte, and last but not least Naked 3 by Urban Decay! All of three of these are great palettes to have in your makeup collection and can be used on a daily basis.  They have great neutral shades incorporated with the fun pinks and purples that are great for these looks!

This first look is definitely more of a bold look. Keeping the darkest shade in the outer crease and the lightest shade in the inner corner is a great way to really open up your eyes!

I am absolutely loving this next look! If you aren’t looking to go as pink as the first look this is a great option for you! Keeping it a more mauve shade of pink will still be great for Valentines Day!

Now, here’s another really fun look! Adding the hot pink liner is a great way to create a fun eye look!

This look is again another gorgeous look if you’re not looking for that very pink shadow. Adding the different shades and tones of pinks and purples is a great way to still create a Valentines Day look.

Personally this next look is a look I would wear on a normal day. So, this would be a great look if you’re working on Valentines Day and have to go somewhere right after. It is a pretty neutral look, and you can just pop a darker shadow on the outer corner and crease to make it more of a night time look!

This next look is beyond gorgeous! Keeping most of the lid matte with a touch of glitter on the inner corner is a great way to take this look to the next level. You can never go wrong with a deep plum and soft pink combo! Especially on Valentines Day!

This would be another great look to wear during the day if you are at work and can’t wear too much makeup or bright colors.

A simple cut crease is another great option! Simply adding a deeper shade in the crease and the lower lash line is all it takes to create this look! Just be sure to spend time to really blend the shadows out!

Rose gold has been a very popular color this season! I’m loving this rose gold look, and it will be perfect for a date or any Valentines Day party you may have.

Here’s another great look than can be work appropriate! Adding the big wing after work is a great way to turn this into a day to night look!

This last look is great for a date or for girls night out to celebrate Valentines Day! Keeping most of the color in the outer corner and crease and leaving the lid for this very pretty glitter is perfect for a night out on the town!

We’d love for you to tag us in any looks that were inspired by this blog post!


**Caitlynn is an MYD Beauty Social Media Intern & Stylist in our Raleigh, NC studio. She is available for airbrush makeup, hair styling, waxing, temporary lash applications and esthetician services by appointment. To schedule a session with Caitlynn (or any of our MYD Beauty Team experts) please contact us HERE and leave a note requesting her in your comments! Caitlynn, as is all our MYD Beauty Team, is available for travel to destinations outside our Raleigh, NC studio for special events and weddings worldwide.**

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