Hits and Misses: The Best and Worst looks of the VMAs

We’ve had time to digest the good, the bad and the completely terrible looks from the VMAs this past weekend. Here are some of the most memorable looks. 
Selena Gomez looked beautiful with long, straight hair and berry lips. We think this look is classic, simple and feminine.  
Katy Perry, known for taking risks with her fashion and beauty was a miss for us. As much as we love a high pony, it was a little bit over the top with the cheetah turtleneck dress and the grills. Her eyelashes and eyebrows do look fabulous as always though!
Actress Allison Williams wowed us at the VMAs. Although the focus falls to the music performers, we thought she shone bright on the red carpet with her smokey eyes and messy, volumized updo. 
Canadian model Coco Rocha looked stunning with her signature red hair in a gelled “punk” do with some smokey eyes. She looked rocker chic and we loved it!
Rita Ora had us looking twice. Ever since Beyonce debuted a shorter hairstyle, we thought that this was her! The glamorous outfit is very Beyonce-esque. Even though it isn’t Beyonce, we still love Rita’s blunt bob, defined brows and nude pink lips. 
Miley Cyrus was a huge miss at the VMAs – from the red carpet, to the performances. It was a disaster. As much as we love her matte red lips and brows, her hair, outfits and mannerisms were too distracting. We give her two thumbs down! 

We like Taylor Swift’s retro-glam look. She is known for her red lips and her sultry eyes, but what we are loving is her pinned curls. Overall we love everything about this look – good job Taylor!

What were your hits and misses from the VMAs? We would love to know! Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or the comments box below!

Fun Summer Sets and Palettes!

In the fall, and at Christmas we shared some great palettes to get as gifts, to ask for as gifts.

Laura Mercier has released Secrets of Radiance Volume 5 which we think is a great collection for the summer. This set includes their best-selling illuminating foundation primer that makes skin look radiant.  There is also a Caviar Stick in a pink shimmery color to brighten the eyes and a Lip Glace in a sheer pink that has the perfect glossy finish. This set also includes a beautiful blush and highlight compact to complete the look. 

The Smashbox HEAT collection includes 4 trendy summer shades that are to die for! We love the super savvy and trend-setting colors that have great pigment and high-shine gloss all-in-one.

We LOVE these NARS nail duos. There are 4 different combos, but we love this banana and lilac duo. These are great sets to have for summer. You can use one on your hands and another on your feet, or you can mix and match. 

This is such a perfect palette for summer and here’s why – it’s waterproof! You read right, these powders are waterproof. Tarte is known for its Amazonian Clay-infused products which are great for the skin. This palette includes Amazonian clay and features 6 new eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter and a limited edition blush.  We love the colors, and the case is so cute! 
Benefit’s cheek tints and highlights are great to have, especially for summer time. These are perfect to pop into a purse or a beach bag. These liquid colors and highlights work great in the summer as a subtle  pick-me-up that is versatile enough to use on the lips, cheeks and even the eyes!

In our Reader Request Series we talked all about our love for OCC as a vegan line. We think that this mini set is adorable. It comes in a variety of its most popular colors, but we love this nude set for summer. This set comes with OCC’s best-selling lip tar and also a nail laquer. 

*All products available at Sephora

Do you want to try any palettes this summer? What summer products do you love? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Best Looks from the 2013 Met Gala

The annual MET Gala is always crawling with celebrities in the most incredible designer getups. As much as we love their outfits, we love seeing their hair and makeup even more! This year’s theme was “Punk: From Chaos to Couture.” We were immediately excited to see how grunge/ punk rock these otherwise glamorous celebrities would get for the occasion. Here are some of the most memorable looks of the night.

Miley Cyrus very recently got a nod as the year’s sexiest woman. She showed up in a fishnet dress and 90s punk-rock hair that was bleached with dark roots and very gelled. This 90s look wasn’t great in the 90s and it isn’t great now. While we didn’t love Miley Cyrus’ look for her hair and we think that other celebrities’ interpretations of “punk” looked much better we did enjoy the bold red lip reminiscent of the 90’s Cindy Crawford.
Glam diva Jennifer Lopez showed up looking dewy as always with a really pretty smokey eye. What made her look rock in our books was her faux hawk. It was edgy and cool, but still looks glamorous and wasn’t too over-the-top. 

Nicole Richie definitely made you look twice to make sure you were seeing things correctly. Her blonde locks were a grey/lilac color. Her hair was extremely textured and pulled back with lots of volume. Her lips picked up the subtle purple hue in her hair with a wine-colored lipstick. Her eyeliner was kept simple. We also thought her eyebrows looked great. For this occasion, we would give her look an A+. Her dress was also gorgeous.

Kristen Stewart always wears interesting smokey eyes that make her green eyes pop. This night was no different with her burgundy smokey eyes and slicked back hair. We love this look!
Emmy Rossum looked so cool. We love her grey lids with black liner all around and a smudged (but still very neat) brown exaggerated cat eye extending outwards. The focus was definitely on her eyes, but her eyebrows also looked incredible. Once you stop staring at her awesome eye makeup you notice how intricate her braided updo/ topknot is, which is also very cool. We love this!
Minka Kelly looked beautiful with dark, matt lips, defined brows and dewy skin, but what we loved more than that was her hair. We think that this would be a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. We love the braid and the stunning hair piece. Although she didn’t look as punk as some other celebrities, we thought that she looked great!

 Cara Delevingne had beautiful smokey eyes and dark, defined brows. We love the black liner around her whole eye with a beautiful grey-brown smokey palette used above and below the eye. The skin and lips were kept simple so that the focus was on the eyes. We also liked how her hair was left down with one side tightly braided and the other side was worn down, straight and textured. We thought that this was a really cool and more wearable “punk” hairstyle. 
What do you think of these celebrities and their “punk” looks? We would love to know via the comments box below, through Facebook or Twitter!

Jen + Jen of MYD take NYC!

From April 14-16, New York City is hosting The International Beauty Show. The Big Apple is no newcomer to the cosmetic scene. In fact, New York City is home to many of the big brands such as Estee Lauder and Tarte Cosmetics.

MYD’s Jen B and Jen H decided to visit NYC to scope the products, celebrities and other artists at this year’s International Beauty Show. The Jens attended an OCC makeup party and even spotted Pamela Anderson!

We will give you the full details of the trip, plus photos when they return. Until then, be sure to check out our Facebook page for the Instagram photo updates!

Our Oscar Top Picks!

Deep parts and retro waves were rampant at last night’s Oscars. Leading ladies looked stunning and tended towards fresh skin and pale lips. As for the men, they seem to be bringing back the beards! Here are our top picks from last night’s Oscar event. 

Charlize Theron looked absolutely breathtaking. We love her funky short hair and how it really highlights her gorgeous facial features. Her eye makeup was kept very minimal with liner only on the top outer corner of her eyes with some mascara. Her eyebrows looked incredible and on the carpet her skin had a subtle glow, many of the other leading ladies had matte skin, so we liked seeing Charlize with some beautiful highlights. Her lips are lined with a mauve lip pencil and were filled in with a lighter pink color that is matte. Absolutely gorgeous!

 Halle Berry wanted to look like a Bond girl, and she got what she wanted! With an incredible dress, Halle Berry always looks so effortlessly cool. Her short, dark hair features honey highlights that were styled to be messy. She pulls the look off so it is both edgy and feminine. Her skin looks so fresh with an apricot blush and pink lips. Her eyes were lightly lined with a dark brown, almost black liner and there was a subtle sparkle to her sandy-gold shadow which complemented the subtle sparkle in her dress. 
Sandra Bullock looked beautiful with her straight, smooth, shiny hair. Most women wore their hair in waves, so we like how she did something different and had straight hair. We also love the hair piece behind her ear, we are all about hair accessories! As for her makeup, it was clean and classic with a sandy pink lip, pinky beige cheeks and taupe eyes. This is a great look for her!

Reese Witherspoon looked incredible! This is retro waves done right. She has the deep part with the top  of her hair neat, then the rest of her hair cascades into large, loose waves. Her makeup looked clean with her eyes picking up hints of navy from her dress. Her lips were lightly glossed and there was a subtle pink cheek. Reese looks great, but we still wish she tried some red lips with this look and that dress!

Best actress Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning. Her hair is slightly teased at the crown for some volume and pulled back. Her eyes have black liner on the top of her lid with some matte grey shadow, and her lower lash line is lined with a charcoal grey pencil which makes her eyes pop. Her lips and cheeks were kept a soft pink which works great with her skin tone and looks amazing with her dress.  

Zoe Saldana is such a beautiful woman. She also had a deep part with loose waves cascading down her back. Zoe had a purple dress that was highlighted in her eye makeup. A matte plum was used for her eyeshadow on top of some black eyeliner and mascara. Her lips even looked more of purpley than pink, but were still very subtle.

We love Naomi Watts’ teased and volumized updo. We love retro waves, but there is something amazing about a beautiful dress and the perfect volumized updo. It always looks so chic. Naomi’s eyes picked up on her dress with some greys and silvers. Her cheeks and lips were a more vibrant pink, which gave her a youthful, sexy look.
As we mentioned at the beginning of the post – the beards are back!  We love the scruffy look with a tux. We also love how men are growing their hair longer and combing it, it is a very manly and classy look. We would be okay if it stuck around for a while!  
And now it is time for our winner for best dressed last night… our award goes to Jessica Chastain.

We loved Jessica Chastain’s look. She had memorable matte red lips that just pop on her lighter skin tone. Her lips stoof out in a crowd of nude and pale pink lips. Her eyeshadow was a matte ivory color, and on top of that the black liner and lashes make her eyes pop as everything else was kept simple. Her makeup combined with her deep part and retro waves made this a very classic look. We definitely think that she’s a winner!
What were your top picks from last night? Did you disagree with some of the award choices? We would love to know! Let us know in the comments box below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

Our Top Picks: The 55th Grammy Awards

Last night the Grammys showcased the top talent on the music scene right now. Most celebrities were dressed to impress showcasing designer gowns, jewellery and shoes. Here are our top picks for hair and makeup at this year’s Grammy awards.

Canadian cutie Carly Rae Jepsen always has an edgier look about her, and this time was no different. As always, she wore her dark, straight bangs that were chopped unevenly to give her hair a rougher, messier look. Her gunmetal eyes mixed blues, greys and black that gave her an edgy smokey eye that matched her whole look, including her metallic dress!

Sean Paul showed up looking a little bit like a chia pet. We did not like his hair at all! If Sean Paul is looking for hair inspiration, he should look to JT. Justin Timberlake looked classic and handsome with longer, combed back hair.

Kimbra looked beautiful pale skin, red lips, black liner and dark brows. We thought her hair looked cute, but her bangs were a bit too short. 

Janelle Monae tends to be a risk-taker with her wardrobe, but her makeup was pretty subtle – and it looked great! Janelle had the most beautiful skin. This is a good example about how to highlight properly, we also loved her blush, her brows and how she wore red lips that were glossy and not matte.

At the People’s Choice Awards this year Taylor Swift went for a mature look with a more structured dress and plunging neckline. We were excited to see her Grammy look. We thought that she looked beautiful, but went back to her more youthful look that was predictable. She wore her hair with straight bangs with a braided crown that met at the back of her head. It was very piecey and undone, adding to her youthful, natural look.

Oh J.Lo. We mentioned after the Golden Globes that you might have too much glow. Tonight was no exception, under the lights and the flashes her skin looked oily. We love dewy skin, but not that dewy. She wore her hair slicked back into a tight topknot. This was to really draw attention to her cat eyes. Her eyes were extra feline-like with the eyeliner drawn to connect below the inner tear duct of the eye.

Florence Welch was Pantone head-to-toe with her Emerald getup. As she said in the interview on the red carpet, emerald looks really good with her hair color and her eye color. She wore an undone low bun that was very piecye in the front with cranberry lips and matte eyes. We love how she took a risk on the red carpet, we think it paid off.     

Besides Adele’s dress, she looked absolutely incredible. She is such a classic woman that exudes 50s elegance. We love how she can wear the beehive look and make it look stylish and not ridiculous. You want to know what we loved most about her look? Her lashes! Her lashes were absolutely incredible, the best of the night for sure!

Kat Dennings has such an interesting look about her. Such pale skin with big lips and big eyes. We like that she doesn’t shy away from the bold colors and drawing attention to her features. She had awesome black winged eyeliner with great matte plum lips.

We’re always looking for Rhianna on the red carpet. This look wasn’t as bold or risky as some of her other ones, but she looked stunning. We loved her red dress and how it matched her nails and her lips. Her lips were the perfect red lip. The lip liner was in a darker, but barely noticeable purple-red shade, and then the lips were filled in with a matte red color. We also loved Rhianna’s ombre hair. It looked incredible. 

We have to say that we love the mani cam! A trend prediction for 2013 is bejeweled nails and other forms of nail art and jewellery – we did see a lot of that. Another trend we noticed in the mani cam was a tendency for celebs to go for the long, pointed feline nails that looked fierce and fabulous.

Alright, it is time for our best dressed award. It is not only an award for best dressed, but it is the person who wins the best overall look. She had great hair, makeup, accessories and we loved the dress too. This award goes to Carrie Underwood. We loved her deep part with side bangs and her retro waves. We also loved her perfect glowing skin (take notes J.Lo) her blush, which wasn’t subtle, but wasn’t too much. And her eyes! They looked amazing. A+ all around for Carrie Underwood!

What were your favorite looks of the night? We would love to know! Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or in the comment box below!

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