New Addition!

This past Monday marked a very special day for us…the addition of Alecia Danielle House to the House family!! She was born in Raleigh Monday afternoon a very healthy and beautiful 7lb 10oz baby girl.

Here is a picture of the little angel. Isn’t she adorable?!

A Baby for 2009!!!

We will soon have an addition to our makeupforyourday family…Alecia Danielle House! We showered the mom-to-be (again) with gifts at her baby shower in Apex yesterday. Jen is due next month but we have a bet going that Alecia may show up way before her due date. We’ll see! The winner gets diaper duty and babysitting rights for a month I think. 😉

Here is a picture of us with little Alecia not to be seen yet. Next month or before, though we’ll update you with the little one’s beautiful face!