Floral Accessories & Bridal Hair Looks

The accessories at Bridal Fashion Week have us thinking about hair. Floral hair pieces were used a lot on the runways, and it reminded us how it is such a feminine and romantic touch for any hairstyle.

Need more inspiration? Below are photos of real brides that Make Up For Your Day has had the pleasure of working with. Just like all of the other elements of a wedding, the bride’s hairpiece is very unique and always fits the bride’s personality. 
Bride Abby. Hair and Makeup by Regan and N’Zinga. Carolyn Scott Photography.
Bride Katie. Hair and Makeup by Jen H. Photography Story Photographers
Bride Jennifer. Stylist Jennifer House. Photographer Nick Pironio. 

Bride Kyla. Hair and Makeup by Beth and Jen B. Photography Sweet Life Studios
Bride Danielle. Hair and Makeup by Jen H. Photography Elizabeth Cayton.

Bride Sam. Hair by Jen H. Photography Robin Lin.
We love all our brides and the variety of beautiful things that we get to see! We are excited for all of the future brides that we will get to work with and help to look and feel great on their big day. 

To see more photos, check out our Facebook page!

Bridal Buzz 2011

Calling all engaged ladies!!  We have been expertly picked to be a part of the exclusive group of leading vendors in North Carolina to represent the “best of the best” for your special day at Bridal Buzz NC.  It would be our pleasure to host you and your friends/family during this amazing event that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS.  There will be gorgeous florists, hot dj’s, the most talented photographers, extraordinary event coordinators, and of course US (and more)!

Check out the website to learn more about where and when and email me if you’d like FREE TICKETS to the show!  (jennifer@makeupforyourday.com)

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Rave Reviews About Our Beauty Lessons!

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Jill this past weekend for an at home beauty lesson.  Jill is such a great person and an absolute joy to be around.  Her glowing smile and personality immediately put you at ease.

Jill contacted me in December after reading one of my other blog posts around beauty lessons where I go through your own makeup bag and show you how to use your own stuff or re-purpose it for better results. We had so much fun trying out new techniques and discussing skincare routines.

Please read her glowing review below and let me know if I can ever be of service to you and/or your gal pals!  I love to do mini beauty lesson parties, too!  Can you say, “mimosas”?!  Enjoy!

(Thanks Jill!  I had a blast!)


I scheduled a two hour consultation with Jennifer, because I was feeling frustrated with the process of
buying makeup, and I always wondered if I could be doing more to look better. Being a total DIY’er and a cautious spender, my typical pattern was to piece together the advice I’d read in beauty magazines over the years, occasionally buy from a department store counter, and just make do without spending a fortune. 
I just never really felt like I had the makeup thing figured out. I saw a consultation with Jennifer as a way to really get a grip on makeup. And that’s exactly what I got! 
I learned how to select makeup, not just put it on, so now I can shop anywhere and make informed decisions about what is best for me. I can confidently blend expensive products with drugstore brands and know that I’m looking my very best while staying within my budget. The knowledge Jennifer provided in our one-on-one consultation will be an investment that holds its value year after year.
Jennifer also knows a lot about skincare and guided me toward a different routine and strategy I would not have realized was appropriate for me. I can already feel a difference in my skin just three days after our consultation, and I haven’t even purchased new products yet. I am simply using products I already had in a new ways. You read over and over again that starting with great skin is the key to getting good results with your makeup, and it seems obvious. But since I previously misunderstood my skin type, having Jennifer there to point me in a new direction made a world of difference. 
Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience and training, so she can quickly jump in to the details that apply to you and your skin, your face, your features. We had fun and chatted while she was working, but she stayed busy the whole time, explaining what she was doing, answering my questions, and talking to me about how products differ. She filled my brain so full of new knowledge and made helpful notes for me to keep afterwards, it was wonderful!
Feeling so completely confident about the skincare and makeup basics that apply to me takes away the
uncertainty I used to feel, and leaves in its place a new freedom to play and experiment so that shopping for makeup is pleasurable and FUN! 
And the best part of all is that lots of the products I already had were perfectly useful once Jennifer showed me what to do with them and guided my expectations for what each product can accomplish. She brought her stuff with her to show me new products I might like, but none of it’s for sale, so there is no pressure! I like that she built off of what I already owned so I only need to buy a few things to round out my makeup bag and be prepared for various degrees of effort in getting made up – the grocery store dash, the everyday work look and an elegant evening face.
One thing that I’d recommend to anyone before a consultation is to read a comprehensive book or article about makeup from a source you trust.  I checked out Bobbi Brown’s “Beauty Evolution” from the library which helped me refresh my memory about beauty basics and gave me a starting point for asking Jennifer questions about my situation in particular. Not only was I able to gain more from Jennifer’s expertise by going in prepared, it was also interesting to re-read the book after our consultation and see key points I’d glossed over or actually misunderstood the first time around, proving that the book alone would not have been enough.
Jennifer is a very talented makeup artist and educator who is warm, friendly and approachable.  Spending time in a consultation with Jennifer will give you confidence and peace of mind about makeup and skincare, and in a larger sense self-image, in a way that no friend, website, magazine or makeup sales associate can. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in feeling their most beautiful!”   ~Jill Powell

Best Buys from Allure

I just received an e-newsletter from Allure magazine and while most of the info I skim over I found some of the products as “Best Beauty Buys” rather good. We have used a lot of these in the past a few I’m going to grab to try out this week.

I love that they listed the Sublimage eye cream from Chanel as their number 1 splurge since I just blogged about that last week! It’s amazing! Just thought I’d share!

Also, I’m attaching the Allure Beauty tips of the month in case other makeup junkies (like us) out there want to know! Enjoy!

  • If you’ve applied too much mineral foundation, dab a tiny bit of moisturizer on your fingers, press them together, then gently pat—don’t rub—the pads of your fingers on those areas. This will remove the excess without smearing your makeup.

  • When testing a nail color, using a small amount is useless—always brush on two coats so you can see how the finished product will look.

  • If you have fine hair and you want to create waves, apply mousse and let it dry naturally. If your hair is pin-straight, add mousse, then wrap it into a bun while it dries.

Chanel Précision Sublimage Eye Essential Regenerating Eye Cream
$175, Nordstrom (nordstrom.com), Barneys New York (barneys.com), Saks Fifth Avenue (saks.com), Dillard’s (dillards.com), Bergdorf Goodman (bergdorfgoodman.com); chanel.com

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer
$68, Saks Fifth Avenue (877-551-7257), Neiman Marcus (neimanmarcus.com), Bergdorf Goodman (800-558-1855)

Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub
$75, select Saks Fifth Avenue stores (saks.com), Neiman Marcus (neimanmarcus.com); jomalone.com

La Mer The Body Crème
$195, Saks Fifth Avenue (saks.com), Bergdorf Goodman (bergdorfgoodman.com), Neiman Marcus (neimanmarcus.com), lamer.com

Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-Aging Moisturizer
$135, Saks Fifth Avenue (877-612-7257), Macy’s, (macys.com), Sephora (sephora.com); elizabetharden.com

Pureology Nanoworks Condition
$50, pureology.com

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Hair Nourishing Treatment
$60, select salons; shuuemura-usa.com
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