Spotlight on: Clinique’s NEW Superprimers!

For anyone who battles redness, dullness or any other discoloration – meet Clinique’s new Superprimers. Many “corrective” primers have been popping up in the marketplace, but these are definitely going to give them a run for their money. 
Clinique’s new Superprimers come in 6 different formulas (shown above.) There is one for redness, dullness, sallowness, discoloration, dullness in darker skin tones and a regular primer formula. These primers create a perfect base for your foundation and help to brighten and even out skin tone before the foundation is even applied. 
The Superprimer also smoothes out your skin and will help your foundation stay true to its color and apply evenly. Once you apply your foundation and your concealer, set it all with powder and you will be set with a flawless face! 

Have you ever tried corrective primers – what do you think? We would love to know! Let us know in the comments box below!

Our Holiday Countdown: 10 days of Tips, Tricks and Tidbits!

In the spirit of the holidays, we are counting down the work days until the vacation begins. From Monday to Friday for the next two weeks we will share our tips, tricks and tidbits with all of you! Some topics that we will cover will include: how to properly conceal tired eyes, how to highlight and contour, at home spa treatments, good foods to eat for great skin and some anti-aging tricks.

All of these posts will be chock-full of product recommendations and pro tips. Our posts will also include some input from our talented team of artists and stylists!

We are so excited to get started with the first post in our Holiday Countdown tomorrow. The post’s content includes the right way to achieve that bright-eyed, just-slept-a-whole-8-hours (even if you didn’t) look. Curious?

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See you tomorrow!

Bridal Fashion Week

Bridal Fashion Week wrapped up last week and we were inspired by some of the hair and makeup looks that were featured on the runways. We love seeing wedding gowns with classic hair and makeup, but we also love the contrast of wedding gowns with more experimental or contemporary makeup and hairstyles. 
Here are some trends that we loved, straight from the runway. 
These models had a very severe look that was softened by the elegance of the gowns. Dark eyes and lips worn with slicked hair reminded us of when we recently saw January Jones at the Emmys. The paler lips (worn by January) makes it a more wearable daytime look. 
We really love how some of Innes Di Santo’s models were styled on the runway. They featured fresh faces with peachy-pink lips, paired with a very prominent side-bang. The side-bangs gives the look a very feminine feel. 

As always, we love to see the interesting hair pieces and how they work as embellishments in a number of diverse hairstyles. Key pieces such as feathers, flowers and rhinestones looked stunning on the runways. We’re always watching these pieces, because unlike veils, these elements are translational into everyday wear. 

Many models who had their hair down had it swept to one side that had the sort of vintage feel that we have been loving lately. Occasionally there were models with edgier hairstyles that are seen more on high-fashion runways, the styling worked really well and gave the overall look an avant-garde feel. 
Another high-fashion look featured at Bridal Fashion Week were smokey eyes. Although most were neutral with browns and beiges, some were very bold gunmetal smokey eyes with silvers and greys. These models always look striking because this makeup is less expected to be paired with an elegant gown, but we love seeing unconventional things on the runways!

A fresh-face is a really classic bridal look.  The makeup artists of these two models used colors that really suited their skin tone. On the left, a light pink cheek and mauve lip look great on a light skin tone. The model on the right has an apricot blush with a matching apricot-pink lip which looks beautiful on darker skin tones.  

Most of the Claire Pettibone models wore flower headpieces and had really rosy cheeks that matched dark plum lips. This makeup is so stunning and wearable for everyday. It is very feminine, but strong at the same time. Fall is here, so there is no time like the present to try this look!

Monique Lhuillier’s models looked so beautiful with really defined highlights high on the cheekbone. Under the runway lights they looked amazing. Such defined highlights aren’t a wearable everyday look, but they are definitely a wearable nighttime look!

Bridal Fashion Week was an amazing showcase of diverse makeup and hairstyles. We loved the variety that walked the runway this year. As always, we are inspired by new colors and techniques and enjoy seeing the new trends of the season. 
Photos: The Knot and
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