5 Amazing Makeup Box Subscriptions

Are you a product junkie? Do you have lots of things on your wish list? Then you should look into signing up for a makeup box subscription. There are a variety of companies that offer these subscriptions and each one is unique.

1. Birchbox offers a wide variety of brands (no seriously, click that link. It will feel like you’re scrolling for days!) for $10 a month. They claim to have hand-picked only the best brands that include niche brands, long time favorites, clinical skin care lines and makeup artist approved cosmetics.

2. Ipsy offers a free membership. When you sign up you take a comprehensive (and fun) quiz about your makeup likes and dislikes, the brands you love, your skin and hair issues and your overall comfort with makeup and your willingness to try new looks. Once you complete the quiz you can sign up for their glam bags for $10 a month. Their bags contain 4-5 products in a collectable makeup bag each month.

3. What is unique about BeautyArmy is that you can hand-pick which 6 samples you would like to have sent to you. Another unique thing about this subscription is that you can skip a month anytime that you like. The cost is slightly higher at $12 a month, but the fact that you can skip months to use up last month’s samples are a bonus. Handpicking your own samples is also fun!

4. Beauty Fix is also different from Birchbox and Ipsy. Like Beauty Army you will first answer questions to create a profile. Based on your beauty profile, panellists will hand-pick a wide variety of products that you will like. From there, you choose your 8 favorite and purchase them for $49.99. That seems steep compared to the other $10 a month deals, but that price is regardless of what products and brands you snatch that can be worth that price on their own.

5. Glossy Box follows the Ipsy and Birchbox method of sending samples monthly. It is more expensive at $21 a month and offers a wide variety of brands. First you choose your “plan”, whether you like eco-friendly products or you prefer a chic, modern look, Glossy Box will send you products that will suit your preferences based off that plan.

Have you ever tried one of these? Would you consider it? This is a great way to try new things and find new products that work for you!

MYD Reader Request Series: Laugh Lines

We hope everyone has been enjoying our Reader Request Series so far. Today we are going to tackle another thing that is tough to tackle – fine lines and wrinkles.

Becky asks… “What can I do about my laugh lines?”

The market is flooded with anti-wrinkle creams, youth serums and tons of products for mature skin. Although we cannot get into all of those things in this post, definitely leave a comment below if you would be interested in having us write an in-depth post about anti-aging products.

For today’s post we are going to cover some tips and tricks that can help you disguise and fill fine lines.

As with anything, you want to start with clean, fresh skin. Remember that adequate sleep and hydration can work wonders for your face.

Next you will want to moisturize. If your skin is dry, whatever product you apply will be visible, stick to any dry patches and make any fine lines more prominent.

After you moisturize, you can use a skin plumper such as Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Lines No More. This product instantly plumps skin and after 15 minutes it can reduce the wrinkle line’s depth by 32%. This is a great quick fix in the morning before makeup and is especially great to use before a party or an important event.

Choosing the right foundation is important in ensuring that you are not highlighting any fine lines. Make sure to use a liquid foundation that isn’t too heavy. You want to ensure that foundation looks natural and sinks into your skin instead of caking and creasing where you have lines. A thiner, lighter consistency will help accomplish this.

Using cream-based products is a really great trick for avoiding drawing attention to fine lines. You want to really dab in the product to make sure it is absorbed. If you layer it too thickly then the opposite can happen and the cream can crease and look unnatural.

It is important to remember not to use bronzer on any fine lines. The darkness of the bronzer will emphasize the depth and create more of a shadow. If you have crows feet, dab a tiny amount of highlighter on the outer corners of your eye. This will reflect light and camouflage the lines.

Again, be sure to take great care of your skin with lots of water, moisturizer, sleep and a good diet. This will help you look and feel great from the inside-out.

Tomorrow is the last day of Reader Request Series, we have really enjoyed answering your questions. If you have enjoyed this series or found it helpful, let us know in the comments box below and we can do it again soon!

MYD Reader Request Series: Organic and Vegan Cosmetic Lines

Welcome to day two of our Reader Request Series! If you missed yesterday’s post on some great BB Creams, check it out here. We are so excited by the positive responses that we have been getting and we hope that you keep enjoying these posts.

Dora asks… Do you have recommendations for organic and vegan skincare and makeup lines?”

As more information comes out about the harmful effects and ingredients that some skin care products and cosmetics contain, it is important to know what organic and vegan options are available.

Lavera is a German line that is the whole package and then some. It is all-natural, safe, there is no animal testing, it is gluten-free and it is free of any harmful ingredients. There is no petroleum, no synthetic products and the list goes on! It really does. Check out an extensive list of ingredients that they avoid here
This company has won numerous awards and is endorsed by many celebrities. This company’s high-standards with ingredients and quality make this organic, vegan and gluten-free line an excellent option to try if you are in the market for natural products. 
This line is not yet available in the state of North Carolina, but is available in a number of other American states. There is free shipping on orders over $50 in the USA. 
This line boasts 100% natural, biodynamically-grown, organic, wildly-harvested products that have been working with mineral and plant extracts since 1930. Their website includes an extensive Ingredient Glossary and they also provide a list of their products that are, and are not, gluten-free
Dr. Hauscka considers their products holistic home remedies. They respect, not interrupt, the body’s natural rhythms and help restore balance. They have a unique approach to health and beauty and their products reflect this. We would definitely recommend trying a product from this line if you are looking for some natural products. 
This line is available in Whole Foods in the USA. 
Most known for their famous Lip Tars, OCC takes vegan and cruelty-free to the next level. They said that they wanted to “raise the bar” on the animal testing issue, and they have. They pledge to never use animal-derived ingredients including Lanolin, Beeswax, Carmine and a variety of others. This is impressive because many natural and organic lines will still use these. 
We absolutely love OCC and we love Lip Tar. If you have never tried them we would highly recommend it. There are such a wide variety of colors, you are bound to find one, or ten, that you like and would like to try. 
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is available to order, or to purchase at Sephora. 
That’s it for day two of our Reader Request Series. We love your questions and comments so keep leaving them! Check back tomorrow for day three in our series. 

MYD Reader Request Series: BB Creams

We are so excited for our Reader Request Series this week. Each day we have picked one of your questions and asked our talented team of artists and stylists for their professional input.

Sherrie asks… “Do you have a BB Cream that you recommend? I want something that has SPF 25 or higher, but still has color and coverage.”

We like the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35. We love this formula, it provides great coverage but works as a light foundation. The creams moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oils and creates a a beautiful, smooth finish.

Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream (SPF 35) is a great option. This formula includes water-attracting molecules that boost hydration, light-reflecting pearls that brighten dull skin, botanical extracts and caffeine to reduce redness and discoloration and peptides that reduce pores. This cream really is a multi-tasker!

We also would recommend Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream with SPF 25. This cream focuses on 3 main areas. It evens, revitalizes and protects skin. It softens lines, wrinkles and imperfections while revitalizing skin with organic kiwi extract. Finally, this cream protects with SPF 25 and filters to protect the skin against free radicals.

Clinique Age Defence BB Cream with SPF 30 is great. This formula utilizes antioxidants to shield and protect skin while providing UVA/UVB protection and smoothing out fine lines and imperfections. Like the other Clinique skin products, with this you can expect great quality and ingredients.

BB Creams are great if you are in a rush and need a quick fix to even out skin tone. We love BB Creams in the summer especially as you spend more time outdoors. It is the perfect tool to create a flawless face while offering SPF protection with other great skin benefits.

That wraps up day one of our Reader Request Series, thank you so much Sherrie for your question.

Check back tomorrow for day two of our Reader Request Series!

Jen + Jen of MYD take NYC!

From April 14-16, New York City is hosting The International Beauty Show. The Big Apple is no newcomer to the cosmetic scene. In fact, New York City is home to many of the big brands such as Estee Lauder and Tarte Cosmetics.

MYD’s Jen B and Jen H decided to visit NYC to scope the products, celebrities and other artists at this year’s International Beauty Show. The Jens attended an OCC makeup party and even spotted Pamela Anderson!

We will give you the full details of the trip, plus photos when they return. Until then, be sure to check out our Facebook page for the Instagram photo updates!

Prepping for the Super Bowl Half Time Show

The Super Bowl is a huge deal. The viewership of this event is astounding and because of this, all of the elements besides the actual game are very important. The commercials, that cost TONS to make and to get airtime are amazing and the half time show is also incredible. We are so excited that Beyonce is performing at this year’s Super Bowl half time show!

Today we want to go through good, the bad… and well, Beyonce is never ugly! She is such a natural beauty. To prep for her on stage performance on Sunday, we thought it would be fun to go through some of her looks and dissect them. She is such a beauty chameleon that takes chances and is fearless.

This picture is absolutely beautiful. Flawless skin, perfect brows and amazing hair. It just looks so effortless! Not comfortable baring all? Well, BB creams are the perfect solution that can even your skin tone and protect you with SPF for those vacation photos. Want to know more about BB creams, stay tuned for our post coming soon!

This look is a little bit of a beauty blunder for Beyonce. Once you are finished squinting and asking “are those hair sparkles?” you will realize that the thick, black shadow as liner on the upper lid paired with the silver liner on the bottom is not a good look for Beyonce!

We adore this photo! Beyonce looks amazing with her piecey, textured front bangs. And we can’t stop staring at those eyes! Not many people can pull off full, thick, black eyeliner without looking like a raccoon, but Beyonce does it SO well! 

Compared to the last photo, we aren’t loving this look or this eyeliner on her. Her skin is looking a little washed out and her lip color looks a little messy. This look was close, but not quite for Beyonce. 

We’re digging this retro-glam look for Beyonce. Her hair reminds us of many of the retro hairstyles we have done at weddings and photo shoots. You can never go wrong with this look! We love the subtle, yet noticeable contour and how the lips and eyes were minimal. 

This picture looks like a much younger Beyonce. Perhaps her Destiny’s Child days? Her teased, half-up hairstyle along with her pink cheeks and overly highlighted face looks like a version of Beyonce that we haven’t seen in years! We love the more mature look she has now. 
That’s more like it! We love how this new mom can leave the house and go to a basketball game with TV cameras and paperazzi without looking so overdone. The bangs look great on her. And her face is clean and matte with little, to no eye makeup or lip color. 

Beyonce with brown hair! We much prefer the honey-blonde hue that she normally wears, but this brown still looks good on this diva. Her fushia lips looks great and it is paired with a smokey eye. The fushia was picked up in the eye shadow used on her crease which has a pinkish hue. This reminds us of a recent bride who asked for pink eye shadow on her wedding day!

The side-braid! We love how chic, yet undone and laid back braids look. She glams up the braid by wearing silver shadow with a hint of sparkle and darker cheek color than usual. Oh yeah, and the navy sequin outfit glams it up as well!

Here is Beyonce accenting her gorgeous diamond earrings with her eyeliner- or is it the other way around? We love when people push the boundaries and we think Beyonce pulled this look off. The hint of silver at the outer corner of her eye between her bottom and top liner is obvious, but not obnoxious. 

Speaking of matching earrings with eye makeup. We spy some incredible navy shadow that goes splendidly with Beyonce’s amazing earrings. Want to know the secret to pulling off navy eyeshadow without looking like a clown? Go matte! Blending with the black, the navy gives enough pop to the eye without going overboard with shimmer. We love this look!

We are all about taking beauty risks, but we don’t think that this one paid off for Beyonce. Yellow shadow has made a come back and can look quite stunning if done correctly. The shadow color looked great as a contrast against the emerald earrings and outfit. To take this look from OK to amazing, we would pull the hair back into a chic high pony and add some extra liner to the upper lid at the outer corners. Like the navy eyeshadow she also wore, we want it to pop, but not to be too overwhelming!

This is the only “no, no, no – what were you thinking” look on our list. We love the hair, earrings, skin and lips, but the eyes throw it all off. She looks like a frost queen. We are used to Beyonce having incredible, smouldering eyes and this shadow and liner choice washes her out. 

Beyonce can never go wrong au naturale. We love that her eye makeup is minimal and that her skin is fresh and clean. There is a hint of apricot blush and an amazing highlight job down the center of the nose and on the cheeks. It’s a flawless and youthful look. 
For Beyonce’s performance we hope that she turns on the glam and comes out looking incredible as always. We are excited to be entertained. The dancing, singing and showmanship that she has is always so amazing. 
Are you excited to see Beyonce perform this Sunday? Which song do you hope she performs?

Hot Holiday Hairstyle: Braids

Kate and Garrett were recently married at Fearrington Village. Makeup for Your Day makeup artist and stylist Danielle had Kate looking stunning for her wedding day. After her beautiful bridal portraits (courtesy of Krystal Kast Photography), Kate was confident that her hair and makeup would be perfect for the big day.

We have been inspired by Kate’s braided hairstyle and foreseeing it as a hot holiday hairstyle. This trendy style can be worn in a number of ways that work well on a variety of hair textures and lengths.

If you have long enough hair, doing a wrap-around braid looks amazing. You can wrap the braid into a low bun or a higher updo. It’s feminine but chic and can be both formal and casual. This is an absolutely stunning bridal hairstyle. It can be worn alone or with some great bridal accessories perfect for any type of wedding.

The classic side-braid has made a triumphant return. This look is usually less formal than a wrap-around braid that is worked into an updo or low bun. It is a more undone look that is casual. Take a page from Blake Lively’s hair stylist by pulling your hair into a sleek high-pony and then braid your hair. We love the contrast of the sleek pony and the teased braid so it looks elegant, but not completely polished. It makes the look more youthful. 

Will you being trying this hot hairstyle this holiday season? If you are looking for inspiration for other sorts of hairstyles to debut at holiday parties check out our Facebook page. We are always inspired by our brides!
Congrats to Kate and Garrett, the newlyweds, we had an amazing time working with you on your wedding day. 

Why Palettes Make the Perfect Gift!

It is that time of year again when gift-giving begins. At times it can be overwhelming to think of something to buy for all of the people on your list. Great gifts for gal pals, family members and female co-workers alike are makeup palettes. There are lip palettes, eye shadow palettes, blush palettes and palettes that have a mix of items.

It is a great way to spice up the makeup routine and try some new colors and looks. Palettes usually include colors you wouldn’t normally try or buy, this allows people to experiment without being totally committed. Here are some holiday palettes that we love!

The Edward Bess Baby Pink Lip Palette

This is perfect for any friend that you know of that has more lipstick tubes than pairs of shoes. Baby pinks look great on a variety of skin tones and this palette allows for a little mix n’ match! It is great that it is small enough to carry around in a purse or bag. It includes a brush and a mirror for on-the-go applications.

The Bobbi Brown Bellini Lips and Eye Palette

As if the name Bellini isn’t appetizing enough, this palette features the most beautiful lip and eye shades. We love Bobbi Brown because they make good quality products. Any opportunity to try a few shades at once is one that we don’t want to miss out on!
The Too Faced Natural Face Natural Radiance Palette

Face palettes are such a blessing. We love it when our bronzers, blushes and highlighters are all in one place! Palettes like this usually choose colors that will flatter a variety of skin tones so that they can cater to as many people as possible. Do you have friends going on vacation? This is compact and perfect to take travelling!
The Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection

This is an adorable holiday gift to give. The box resembles a box of chocolates and the mini palettes inside look like chocolate bars! Although there may be a half second of disappointment when the person realizes that the gift is not edible, it will be replaced with pure joy when they see the range of colors in this palette. As it says, it is a full face palette and includes colors for the eyes, face and lips – and it is completely adorable!
The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

We couldn’t write a blog about great makeup palettes without including either the Naked or Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. These palettes are best-sellers and have rave reviews all over the web. They feature both matte and shimmer colors that can make a plethora of beautiful eye shadow looks that can range from neutral to dramatic. 
The Sephora Collection Color Daze Blockbuster

This gift is for your friends that are beauty junkies. Packed neatly in a black and white striped box, it unfolds a multitude of amazing colors that any beauty-obsessed friend would love to experiment with. This palette features 64 waterproof eye shadows, cream eyeliner, eye and lip top coats, 48 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 6 multi-purpose shades for eyes, cheeks and lips – plus 3 luminizers and 3 makeup brushes. Can you say speechless?
All palettes that were listed are available at Sephora. To avoid the hustle and bustle of malls during the holiday season, you can always order online. 
Stay tuned (via Facebook & Twitter) for our artists and stylist must-haves, our holiday faves and many more! 

Bold Lips: Inspired by Janelle’s Bridal Makeup

Janelle and Jabari were married at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel with F8 Photo Studios there to capture the special moments. We had a great time with Janelle, as artist and stylist Jennifer H was there to create Janelle’s bold bridal look. 
Bold lips can be high-maintenance and a scary thing to consider on a day where there will be so many pictures taken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it. In a previous post we explained the important of a hair and makeup trial. If you are considering a bolder lip, try it out and see if you like the way it looks in pictures and if you still like how it looks hours later. 
For any event that you might have your makeup done, you can count on the makeup artist to know how to make your bold lips look flawless and last. If you are looking to try it on your own, here are some Pro Tips for pulling off bold lips! 
– Exfoliate your lips and moisturize them about an hour prior to the lipstick application. It is not necessary, but it helps the color go on smoothly. 
–  Use lip liner. This will keep the color from feathering out onto the skin around your lips. Keeps it neat, which is extra important with a bold lip because mistakes and smudges are much more noticeable.
– After you have put the color onto your lips, blot with a tissue and then reapply the color. This will help prolong the wear of whatever fabulous shade you have chosen.

Thank you to Janelle and Jabari who let us be a part of their special day! To see makeup looks from other brides we have had the pleasure of working with, check out our Facebook page. 
To ensure you stay in the loop, follow us on Twitter!


We Are So Thankful For Our Clients!

Today, and every day, we are thankful for our clients. We have the opportunity to work with the most amazing people! We love getting to know them, exchanging stories and experiences, while making them look and feel incredible.

Photo courtesy of Mark Schueler

We work with a variety of clients, doing hair and makeup for corporate headshots, maternity photos, photo shoots as well as brides and bridal parties. 

Corporate headshots are what is presented to the business world. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what makeup is appropriate to enhance your features, but not look overdone or unprofessional. Luckily we have experience, and enjoy helping our clients look great for their head shots so that they can feel confident with them. 

Maternity photos are so special to be involved with, expecting mothers have such a glow and we love being a part of capturing those feelings and emotions for our clients that are mothers-to-be. 

Magazine photo shoots are so much fun to be a part of! It is a great way to be creative and capture a story in photos. To see our post on a recent photo shoot that we were a part of, click here

Of course, we always love being a part of a wedding. We are so honored to be a part of such a monumental and memorable day. The pre-wedding bridal party buzz is always a fun atmosphere, and the moment when the bride is ready to put on her dress and see herself put together still gives us butterflies! 

To our past clients of all varieties and to potential/ future clients. We want to say thank you! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and important moments, thank you for allowing us to do what we love and thank you for being so amazing!

Check back tomorrow to see what else we are thankful for this week.
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