Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Welcome June! I am so happy to see you.  My pasty white skin can’t take hiding any longer.  But oh the woes of blinding everyone in sight with this nearly translucent skin.  What’s a gal to do?

Anyone that knows me knows that I love some Clarins sun care!  I am a loyal customer of their sunscreens, tanning sprays, and sunless tanning products (as well as ALL of their body products).  I have been using their Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint for years.  Now it comes in newer packaging and I believe more oz per bottle.  It’s the stuff of legends!  My absolute favorite feature of this self tanner is that it is a tint, so it gives you an immediate bronze color on the skin which my impatient side loves.  We are a generation of instant gratification lovers!  Also, because it can be applied to the skin with a cotton round/pad (it comes out as a lightweight liquid) in a bronze color, there are no mistakes, streaks or missed areas.  I love a fool-proof self tanner!
Up next: Tan Extenders
Also pictured above is a smaller Clarins product called Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.  This product was brand new to me.  When I stumbled upon it as I was replenishing my self tanner I was so (probably too much) excited!  I used to use the Radiance-Plus moisturizer for face back in the day but disliked the smell so I stopped.  This product is genius.  You simply add just 3 drops to YOUR OWN moisturizer and it gives you a natural glow.  You can use it everyday to build on the color and then spread out applications to maintain.  I’m a bit of a junkie so I like to use it daily right now because I’m not out in the sun very often.
Let us know what sunless tanning products are your favorites!  I’d also love to hear your reviews of these two if you’ve tried either of them.  Let us know in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.  We also love your feedback and photos on Instagram.  Don’t forget to tag us +Makeup for Your Day if Google+ is your thing!

Dry Skin Remedies: Face Oils

Hello lovelies!  For those of us that have lived the majority of our lives extremely oily or on that side of “normal” it is extremely difficult/aggravating/unnerving to navigate the unchartered waters of dry skin territory.  Recently, I have had a huge bout of extremely dry skin on my face and eyes and have tried many, many things to remedy the situation.  My dry skin has even come with more than mere tightness but flaking, itching and redness.  Alas, I have sought out advice from estheticians, friends, and the good ol’ internet for an answer.  Here is what I’ve found:

Face Treatment Oils

I have always been a fan of face oils since my days behind the Clarins counter in Nordstrom.  Back in those days I used to be the biggest fan of Clarins Lotus Oil for combo/oily skin but nowadays I’ve been dousing my skin with the Orchidee Blue oil for dehydrated skin.  This oil is 100% pure plant extracts and has no preservatives.  Lots of goodies like hazelnut oil, blue orchid, rosewood and patchouli make up this delicious smelling and non-greasy face treatment oil.  I use this at night as my moisturizer after cleansing and it’s amazing.

Recently, there has been a craze around Josie Maran’s Argan Oil so I finally broke down and bought some at Sephora last week to try during this awful streak of dry skin.  So far, it has been great.  I use it during the day under my regular moisturizer (or Coconut oil…more on this below) for added hydration and all the glorious benefits of argan oil.  Some of which are said to include: combating juvenile acne and flaky skin, moisturizing, medicinal uses for healing burns and aiding in healing rheumatism, etc.  All that aside, it’s light weight, absorbs quickly and really does seem to help with the flaking I’ve been experiencing.

As mentioned earlier, I have added Organic Coconut Oil to my skin care regimen this month by the advice of a fellow esthetician who specializes in organic and holistic treatments for the skin.  She has experience personally with extreme eczema and told me about her personal antidote to this awful skin irritation which is the original Listerine (yes, the antiseptic mouth wash) used as a toner on a cotton round, followed up by pure coconut oil to hydrate the skin.  I thought, why not?  I’ll give it a shot.  Can you believe it…this combo has worked the best out of anything else I’ve tried!  I bought the generic version of Listerine at the grocery store and right next to the Crisco picked up my Organic “Refined” Coconut Oil and went to town.  Within two days of doing that combo 2-3 times per day my skin was so much better.  The redness had subsided, the itching stopped completely and all of the flaking was gone except a little around my eyes.  So, I’ve tweaked the program to include the Josie Maran Argan Oil under the coconut oil and the flaking seems to be on it’s way out the door!

Jen House chimed in about the coconut oil, too after hearing that I was slathering it on my face these days.  She has been using it for years as a body moisturizer and in her hair and loves it.  She gets hers from Whole Foods and it’s a staple on her vanity and in her kitchen.

If you have any home remedy treatments that you love for dry skin we’d love to hear them (especially me)!  I’ve heard a lot of great things about oatmeal soaps and moisturizers and will dive in to more research for those in the coming weeks.  Right now I’m loving my new Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser.  Can’t wait to hear your comments and ideas on how to combat this dryness!

Cosmetics that are Inspired By India

Inspiration from India has become increasingly popular in the fashion and cosmetic industry. The bright and lively scents and colors of the country have inspired perfumes, hair products and makeup lines. 

For example, companies like Aveda has a hair line of Ayurvedic products. This is an ancient medicinal system that uses herbs and natural ingredients that Aveda has adopted into some of their hair products. 

Clarins had a summer collection of cosmetics called Enchanted. This line was inspired by Holi, a Hindu festival of colors. This line includes lip glosses with names like Pink Jaipur and Nude Delhi and Henna-like patterns on the packaging. 

Chanel also launched an Indian-inspired makeup line called Bombay Express which featured less of the vibrant colors, and had a line filled with pearlescent gold shades. 

Some perfumes that have been made to encapsulate the exotic aromas of India included.

Un Jardin après la Mousson, by Hermès was ­inspired by Kerala after the annual monsoon, this perfume has a compelling scent derived from vetiver, cardamom, pepper, and lime. 

Incense Jaisalmer, by Comme des Garçons Parfums is a frankincense-heavy fragrance evokes the medinas of Persia, once linked by camel caravans to the sandstone city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

Escale à Pondichéry, by Dior celebrates Puducherry’s culture as a ­historic French trading enclave on India’s Tamil Nadu coast, this scent combines locally grown black tea, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Sandalwood Cologne, by ­Caswell-Massey  is a perfume ­redolent of the duskily aromatic, woodsy scent of the oil of the rare East ­Indian sandalwood tree—prized in India for its aphrodisiacal qualities.

My Indian Childhood, DS & Durga is a  sensuously heady perfume is a quintessentially Indian blend of patchouli, jasmine, and tobacco.

What are some of your favorite cosmetic lines inspired by? We would love to know – let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Jen + Jen of MYD take NYC!

From April 14-16, New York City is hosting The International Beauty Show. The Big Apple is no newcomer to the cosmetic scene. In fact, New York City is home to many of the big brands such as Estee Lauder and Tarte Cosmetics.

MYD’s Jen B and Jen H decided to visit NYC to scope the products, celebrities and other artists at this year’s International Beauty Show. The Jens attended an OCC makeup party and even spotted Pamela Anderson!

We will give you the full details of the trip, plus photos when they return. Until then, be sure to check out our Facebook page for the Instagram photo updates!

Summer Bikini-Body Ready

Are any of you out there freaking out about having to get in a bathing suit in the next few weeks?! I am! Jeremy and I have our 1 year anniversary (so soon, right?!) creeping up on us the weekend of Memorial Day. We have planned a short trip out of town to celebrate (the rest of the moolah is going to housing stuff, yay!!) and of course, we will be by a pool at some point. So…aside from the obvious need to self tan so that I don’t scare all the little children by the pool with my ghastly coloring I need a little help with the leg and thigh department! 🙂 So, I have enlisted the troops!

I am currently using Clarins High Definition Body Lift from ankles to waist to help with circulation and tightening up the thigh area. I have found over the years that this product also helps to reduce the look of spider veins, too. It by no means gets rid of them…just helps to make them look less pronounced. This product is awesome if you’re going out in a skirt or shorts and need that immediate tightening effect, too!

In addition to the Clarins product I am seriously contemplating giving Bliss a go at my “problem spots”. I have seen these items in stores like Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta for years but never ventured out to try them. What do you all think? Has anyone out there given them a whirl and are they worth the money? I’ll be so happy to hear from you! Here they are:

Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl Sleep

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