Flash Forward: Hot Makeup Trends for the Fall

September is just around the corner. With kids heading back to school and summer winding down, we are looking forward to the fabulous fall fashions and trends that will transition in as summer comes to an end. At Makeup for Your Day we absolutely love the summer-to-fall transition. The colors get richer and deeper – we can’t wait to get our hands on this season’s shades!

Plum Lips

Coral be gone! It’s time for the rich, deep plums to take over. Plum lips can be bold like red lips, yet they are dark, mysterious, sexy and feminine. One of the must-haves this fall is a great plum lipstick!

Blue Eyes
Blue doesn’t really fit into the deep, dark, smouldering color palette that some might imagine with fall – but we are seeing blue in the forecast for this season. Whether you keep it toned down with blue accents, or you decide to make a statement with royal blue lids, be sure to keep your other makeup to a minimum to avoid looking overdone.  

Browns and Beiges

It can’t be fall without those lovely browns and beiges. These shades can looks so natural and beautiful. They are great for subtle accepts and depth, and they can also look stunning when these shades are “played up” for a bolder, but still neutral look. 
Crisp Red Nails

With nail art becoming so popular, it is rare to find all fingers crisp, clean and the same color! Red nails are making a comeback. For fall, fingers will be reaching for the red nail polish to rock a regular mani once again. 
What are your fall trend predictions? Let us know in the comments box below!

6 Ways to Wear your Lower Lash Line

A while back we did a post on how to get bold bottom lashes, but we wanted to revisit that idea but focus on the lash line. The Beauty Department put together these great photos that show 6 different ways that you can wear your lower lash line.

We love the progression of these photos and how it can go from bare and natural, to a bold and dramatic nighttime look. What tricks do you love for lining the lower lash line? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

MYD Shares some Great Glosses

After last week’s post on Lime Crime’s velvet, matte lip gloss (if you missed it, check it out here) – we decided we wanted to share more glosses in a variety of great formulas and colors. 

Bite Beauty Cinnamon Lip Plumping Oil

This unique gloss pairs the hydrating benefits of Argan Oil with the antioxidant power of resveratrol. This, with the subtle tingle and plumping effects make this gloss an incredible multi-tasker.
Makeup For Ever Aqua Rouge
This is an incredible product because it is both a lip gloss and a lip stain. The purpose behind this gloss was to create bold color with eye-catching shine without the heavy, sticky formula. As if that wasn’t enough, this gloss doesn’t smudge, transfer or fade!
NARS Satin Lip Pencil
With the right formula, lip pencils can be amazing products. A cross between a lip stick and a lip pencil, this product glides on easily with soothing nutrients and Vitamin E. This creamy, long-wear pencil is a must-have!
Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Stick
This lip stick comes in the most incredible shades and its formula contains hyaluronic acid which provides time-release moisture. This lipstick looks great, moisturizes and will plump your lips. 
Givenchy Le Rouge
We adore the texture of this lipstick. It is a creamy texture that dries semi-matte which looks great in the bold shades it is available in. Not to mention that the the leather element on the lipstick cap – makes this lipstick so chic!
Yves St. Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine
These vibrant lipsticks have great lasting power and a beautiful luminous shine with a super-smooth application. This formula will protect your lips from free radicals and seal in the moisture. 
What are your favorite lipsticks? We would love to know! Let us know in the comments box below!

Wavy Hairstyles We Love!

We love the laid-back and feminine look and feel of wavy hair. It looks so natural and can be worn with bangs, half-up-half-down, loose, tight and with a variety of parts.

We love these bangs with this loose, wavy look!

We adore this red hair with these brushed out waves! Check out other amazing red hairstyles here.
We absolutely adore how ombre looks with loose waves. We think Lauren Conrad is definitely a style icon for this look!

 What kind of waves do you love? Do you like loose waves, brushed out waves? Are you crushing on ombre waves? Share your thoughts with us via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Spotlight On: LimeCrime Velvetines Lip Gloss

Today we wanted to put a spotlight on Lime Crime’s Velvetine Lip Gloss. This gloss goes on glossy and then dries matte with a “touch-proof finish.” They come in two colors (seen below) on the left is Suede Berry, and Red Velvet is on the right.

These are great, affordable glosses if you are looking for bold, matte lips. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips well before using this gloss. Applying a matte formula to dry or cracked lips will only emphasize the dryness.
What are your favorite matte lip products – we would love to know!

5 Blush Rules that You Should Break!

1. Avoid Fading by Reapplying Blush Throughout the Day

Instead of that, layer different formulas and textures for longevity. For example, start with a cream blush and dust a layer of powder blush on top. This will work as a sort of setting powder without losing pigment!

2. Don’t Wear Bright Lipstick if You’re Wearing Blush

We love the look of flushed cheeks and a bold lip! Just ensure that you use shades that compliment each other. A good rule to follow is to stay within the same spectrum of undertones. For example, if you have coral lips, choose an orange-based blush like an apricot.

hair and makeup

3. Pick One Shade that Looks Good and Stick with It

Pick a shade that scares you and try it out! If you read the reviews for Nars blush Exhibit A most people will talk about the fear of buying such a vibrant red shade, but almost everyone loves the natural flush that this color gives. How it looks in the package won’t always be the way it looks on your skin.

4. Only Apply Blush on the Apples of Your Cheeks

When considering where to apply blush, take your face shape into consideration. Do you want to elongate your face, narrow it? A blush trend is to blend the color up on the cheek bones and blend it into the hair line.

5. Never Wear Blush and Bronzer at the Same Time

This old rule has become less popular as blush and bronzer have become a sort of hand-in-hand duo. Apply bronzer in the contours of your face such as your temples, forehead and the hollows of your cheeks. Just be sure to blend well!

Sexy Smouldering Eye  Isabeli Fontana by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris November 2011

What are your breakable blush rules? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Eye Allergies? MYD Shares Some Tricks to Keep the Redness Under Control

Pollen season is upon us! Allergies are rampant and people are flocking to the allergy aisles of the nearest pharmacy. Some people deal with allergies internally, like sneezing and coughing, and some people deal with more external symptoms such as swollen, dry and red skin around the eyes.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do from a makeup standpoint for the internal allergy sufferers, but for the people with dry, puffy and red allergy eyes – here are some helpful hints for you!

Besides allergy medication, make sure to use a cold compress on your eyes. While the skin is still moist, dab some oil (we love almond oil) around the eye to seal in some moisture. You also want to ensure that if you put makeup on your eyes that you clean your eyes well before bed.

* Red-based eye shadows
* Shimmery eye products
* Heavy products
* Building product on too thick

The trick with covering up the redness is to first use a color corrector. If the skin is red, use a green-based corrector and pat it on. Some people experience more of a purple than a red in the skin around their eyes. If so, use a orangey-yellow-based corrector.

Once you pat that on the affected areas you can use a lightweight, cream-based concealer.

This is a great time to go for the glossy look. We love MAC’s Mixing Medium Shine. With this product you can make any eyeshadow glossy. You can even take loose pigment, make it glossy and apply it with a brush.

Do you suffer from allergies? What sort of remedies do you use? We would love to know in the comments box below!

Coconut: The Many uses of this Summery Superfood

We hope that everyone had a good and restful long weekend and enjoyed some nice weather outdoors. When heading outdoors, we can’t emphasize the importance of layering on SPF.
There are a few smells that are always associated with summer months, and coconut is definitely one of them. With many sunscreens and creams filled with the island scent, you can’t help but invision a beach and the ocean. 
Coconut oil is antimicrobial, ant-inflammatory, is an antioxidant and is an extremely effective moisturizer. There are countless uses for coconut oil for your skin and hair, the info graphic below courtesy of IdealHomeGarden demonstrates some of the most popular uses for this superfood. 
Have you ever used coconut oil for your hair or your skin – what did you do? Did it work well? We would love to know! Let us know via TwitterFacebook or the Comments Box below!

Spotlight on… Inglot Palettes

When it comes to building your makeup kit, there are certain essentials that you should have in your collection. The great thing about having palettes for your essentials is that there will be a variety of shades of what you need to mix and experiment with. Inglot has great palettes that we wanted to spotlight in today’s post.

Inglot’s palettes are great to travel with because on each corner there is a magnet so the top sticks on and you don’t have to worry about the top opening or breaking in a travel bag.

This is a highlight palette from Inglot. It has white, light beige, vanilla and peachy shades. These are perfect bases for the lid to build color on top of. These colors also work great as matte highlights for the brow bone.

A contour palette is another great palette to have. The two brown shades on the left would be great cheek contours, and the greys and purples are perfect for the crease of your eye. This will give your eyes dimension.

A blush palette is one of the best palettes to buy. This is because most people don’t experiment with a wide variety of blush shades. A color might look a little daunting in the packaging, but can look amazing on your skin. Plus, mixing blushes can create new colors that are interesting and flattering.
Shimmer palettes are great to have to give some dimension to your look. Next time you’re ready to walk out the door, put a shimmer eyeshadow on your finger and dab it into the middle of your eyelid, you will be surprised at how something so simple can make you look so awake. 
Do you have a must-have palette? We would love to know what you love to use and travel with. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below. 

MYD Presents 6 Quick, Easy Steps to Apply False Lashes

It’s Friday again! Whether you have a date, a dinner or you are staying in. Knowing how to properly apply lashes is a great thing to learn how to do for those extra special occasions where you want that extra oomph.

1. First you will want to take your lashes out of the package and hold them up to your eyelid. Most false lashes are too long and you will have to cut them to fit your eye.

2. Apply glue to the false lashes along the bottom where all of the lashes come together.

3. Allow the glue to dry for about a minute.

4. Place the false lashes as close as you can to your natural lash line as you can.

5. Once the strip is in place. Press and hold it down for 1-2 minutes.

6. Once it is dry, apply mascara. Don’t skip this step! This step will help blend your real lashes with your false lashes and give an overall fuller, darker look.

At MYD, we love lashes. Even better than false lashes is lash extensions! If you haven’t read about lash extensions, check out our post on it here.

Do you like wearing false lashes? Would you ever consider lash extensions? Let us know in the comments box below!

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