MYD Reader Request Series: Warm vs. Cool Skin Tones

Knowing if you have a cool or warm undertone can do wonders for you. Not just in terms of choosing makeup, but also for picking clothing and accessories as well. 
Margo asks… “What is the difference between a warm skin tone and a cool skin tone? And how can I tell which one I am?”
If you are warm, then you will have yellow, golden or peach undertones. Lipsticks that have orangey or peach color to them, such as a nude, tend to look great on your skin. You will also find that gold jewelery looks good on your skin as well. 
If you are cool then you will have pink, red or blue undertones. Lipsticks that have purple or blue color to them, such as a fuchsia, look good on your skin. Silver jewellery looks great on people with a cool skin tone. 
If you are neutral then you have a mix between cool and warm undertones. For foundations, you may find if you pick just yellow-based or pink-based foundations that they may look too orange or grey. Try mixing a warm and cool foundation to find your perfect shade. 
Once of the most common ways to distinguish if you have a warm or cool undertone is to look at the veins on your inner wrist. If the veins are bluish or purple, then you have a cool undertone. If the veins are more green then you have a warm undertone. If it looks like a little bit of both, you may be neutral. 
As a rule, most people who have blue, green or grey eyes with blonde, brown or black hair – you most likely have a cool undertone. If you have brown, black or hazel eyes with any hair color – you will most likely have a warm undertone. 
As you can see in this photo, Reese Witherspoon (with blue eyes and blonde hair) has a cool skin tone. This is why bright red lips and bright pink blush looks good on her skin. Whereas Nicole Richie (hazel eyes and blonde hair) has a warm skin tone. This is why she has an orangey apricot blush and peachy lips.
If you have a cool undertone, select a foundation that has a pink undertone to it. If you have a warm undertone, select a foundation that has a yellow undertone to it. These will be the most flattering on your skin. Many cosmetic companies are beginning to divide and label their foundation shades into Cool, Warm and Neutral sections so that the customers can choose a shade from the proper shade that will suit their skin.
We hope that you enjoyed our Reader Request Series this week. We really enjoyed answering your questions and sharing our expertise. If you missed them, check out Monday’s post on BB Creams, Tuesday’s post on Organic and Vegan Cosmetic Lines, Wednesday’s post on How to Properly Fill Your Brows and Thursday’s post on Laugh Lines.  
Don’t forget, if you ever have a question or would like us to blog about something specific – let us know. We would love to hear from you!

MYD Reader Request Series: Laugh Lines

We hope everyone has been enjoying our Reader Request Series so far. Today we are going to tackle another thing that is tough to tackle – fine lines and wrinkles.

Becky asks… “What can I do about my laugh lines?”

The market is flooded with anti-wrinkle creams, youth serums and tons of products for mature skin. Although we cannot get into all of those things in this post, definitely leave a comment below if you would be interested in having us write an in-depth post about anti-aging products.

For today’s post we are going to cover some tips and tricks that can help you disguise and fill fine lines.

As with anything, you want to start with clean, fresh skin. Remember that adequate sleep and hydration can work wonders for your face.

Next you will want to moisturize. If your skin is dry, whatever product you apply will be visible, stick to any dry patches and make any fine lines more prominent.

After you moisturize, you can use a skin plumper such as Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Lines No More. This product instantly plumps skin and after 15 minutes it can reduce the wrinkle line’s depth by 32%. This is a great quick fix in the morning before makeup and is especially great to use before a party or an important event.

Choosing the right foundation is important in ensuring that you are not highlighting any fine lines. Make sure to use a liquid foundation that isn’t too heavy. You want to ensure that foundation looks natural and sinks into your skin instead of caking and creasing where you have lines. A thiner, lighter consistency will help accomplish this.

Using cream-based products is a really great trick for avoiding drawing attention to fine lines. You want to really dab in the product to make sure it is absorbed. If you layer it too thickly then the opposite can happen and the cream can crease and look unnatural.

It is important to remember not to use bronzer on any fine lines. The darkness of the bronzer will emphasize the depth and create more of a shadow. If you have crows feet, dab a tiny amount of highlighter on the outer corners of your eye. This will reflect light and camouflage the lines.

Again, be sure to take great care of your skin with lots of water, moisturizer, sleep and a good diet. This will help you look and feel great from the inside-out.

Tomorrow is the last day of Reader Request Series, we have really enjoyed answering your questions. If you have enjoyed this series or found it helpful, let us know in the comments box below and we can do it again soon!

MYD Reader Request Series: Filling in your Eyebrows

On day three of our Reader Request Series we are covering a tricky topic for most – how to properly fill your brows. Almost every woman has dealt with patchiness, an over-pluck disaster and non-symmetrical brows.

Anonymous asks… “I have really thin eyebrows, and I want to know how to fill them in properly so that they don’t look fake! What sort of products and techniques should I use?” 

First, it is important to understand how to properly shape your eye brow. The diagram below demonstrates where the brow should be in relation to your eye.  
You can use a pencil, powder, wax or a combination. MYD’s Jen H has become a brow expert from years of experience and from trying a variety of products and techniques. She loves creating beautiful brows – after all they do frame the face!
Jen H prefers to use brow pencils and says that the best way to fill eyebrows is to start at the arch. From there, use short strokes against the grain of the hair. This technique will make the pencil look more natural in your brows and will fill between the hairs. Work your way inward until you reach the inside edge of your eyebrow. 
Then, use a clean mascara wand or brow comb to comb and blend. We love Laura Mercier’s brow grooming brush because it is soft and effective. 
Finally, work the pencil with short strokes from the arch of the brow towards the end of the brow following the natural hair grain. Comb again with a brush. 
If you are using a powder instead of a pencil, use the same technique but use a stiff angled brush (such a LAURA MERCIER’s double-ended brow brush or MAC’s #208) with the powder you will want to push the product into your brow. 
Some of our favorite brow products are MAC’s eyebrow pencils, CHANEL’s sculpting eyebrow pencil and LAURA MERCIER’s brow powder duo. 

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments box below! We will see you again tomorrow to answer another one of the great questions that were submitted.

The New York Times features MYD’s Jen B!

Do you find cosmetic aisles, stores and counters confusing and overwhelming to navigate? Are you stuck in the same makeup routine that you have had for years? Cosmetic personal shoppers are becoming increasingly popular and have the ability to share their knowledge and years of expertise to help women choose the right items and improve their makeup routines. 
We are so excited to share that our very own Jen B was quoted in a New York Times article about personal shopping with women in need of new cosmetics. 
If you tend to spend money on the wrong products, or don’t use what you buy, this is a great option. With many years in the industry as an extremely talented makeup artist, and experience behind the counter at Nordstrom, Jen B is extremely knowledgeable about the products, brands and colors that will suit your needs. 
She and the MYD Team can walk you through a great everyday routine, and a nighttime look for dates and special occasions during one of our MYD Beauty Lessons. One of the main goals of the lesson is to ensure that you feel comfortable properly applying your new products and that they look great and suit your everyday needs. 
To read the full article about cosmetic personal shoppers that Jen B was featured in click here
To inquire about any of our services, click here.
Do you have a question about any products you have used, or would like to try? Don’t forget that our Reader Request Series will be starting next week. We already have some great questions, so keep them coming!

MYD Presents Spring Trends to Try Today!

With the weather warming up, we can’t help but to be excited for all of the bright, spring trends on the way. Here are some favorites that we are looking forward to seeing more of. 
We love this ombre look on this shoulder-length bob. The hair length is perfect for a fresh spring cut, and the ombre works great to lighten the ends for the warmer months. 
This look is perfect for springtime. You can’t go wrong with a flawless, clean face, light eyes and a bright lip. Depending on the color lip you choose, this look can be bold and dramatic, or if you opt for a gloss, this look can be more natural.  

We love this look that was featured in Jenny Packham’s 2013 show. The coral lips and turquoise eyes are a beautiful, bold look for the springtime. Try this on a date night or a night out with the girls!

Many people tend to lighten their hair for the warmer months. If you are a brunette, these highlights are so pretty. They lighten the hair and give it dimension. We also love the straight bangs!
Top-down, windows-open… and a great way to keep your hair looking good on the go is with braids. When the weather is warmer it can keep the hair off your neck and still give a laid back, chic style. We also love the teal shadow on her lids!
As the weather warms up, skin tends to get oilier. This is why we love the look for matte skin and matte lips.

What spring style, or trends are you looking forward to trying for the first time, or doing again with the changing seasons? Let us know via the comments box below!

MYD Shares a Great DIY Matte Lipstick Trick!

Today we want to share a great DIY courtesy of The Beauty Department. We love when there are ways to use existing products that we love in new ways. A lot of great lipsticks have a satin or glossy finish and this tutorial will show you how to take your favorite colors and make them matte!
Take a lipstick with a glossy or satin finish and apply it to your lips. Then, with your finger, take a powdered blush in a similar shade to your lipstick and dab the powder on top. 
If you do not have a blush in a similar color to your lip color, then use a setting powder. Whether you use a loose or pressed powder to set your foundation and concealer, this is a great alternative to make your lipstick matte if you don’t have a blush that you would like to use. 
What makeup tricks do you love? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or the comments box below!

Makeup Inspiration from the Runways

Springtime always seems like it should be a fresh, new start. You clean your home and get ready to shake off the winter weather and spruce up your wardrobe with some brighter pieces. Why not do the same with your makeup? 
It is easy to get “stuck” in a makeup routine. To experiment, most people try different colors, and that is why we love the photo below (courtesy of Taking inspiration from the runways, this photo shows new and interesting ways to experiment with eyeliner. 
Instead of trying new colors, why not try new and interesting shapes? There are a mix of wearable, and not so wearable, looks in the mix. We love Erdem’s thick black line across the whole lid. We also love Moschino’s bold, angled liner that covers the lid. Lastly, we love Manish Arora’s broken liner. Although, this isn’t very wearable for everyday, this would be a fun look to experiment with on a night out!
We love how creative and fun makeup is. Even in the world of fashion there are new and exciting things happening on the runway with hair and makeup. To experiment with these looks, make sure you have a good eyeliner, Q-Tips, eye makeup remover and (depending on the look) a brush to smudge the eyeliner. 
Are you loving any of these designer eyeliner looks? Let us know what you want to try via Facebook, Twitter or the comments box below. 

Fake It: How to Highlight and Contour your Face

Holiday Countdown – Day 9!

If done correctly, contouring and highlighting can look really natural and attractive. If done incorrectly, it can look really obvious and it won’t be very flattering. One of the most important things to pulling this off, besides the know-how, are the products. You want to make sure that you are equipped with the right products to make it look natural.

You will need a matte bronzer that is darker than your skin tone, but not too dark. You can use a powder or cream, and you will want it to be about 2 shades darker. This makes it dark enough so it is noticeable, but still light enough to be blended in to look natural.

For a highlighter, there are a variety of consistencies you can choose from. There are liquid highlighters, powder highlighters and cream highlighters. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use, as long as the pigments finely ground so that it is a subtle glow, not a glittery disaster.

Another thing to be aware of is if the highlighter has silver or golden undertones. Choose silver if your skin tone is on the cool side, and a gold highlighter if your skin is a warmer tone.


Start your makeup routine as you usually would with a clean, moisturized face. Then apply your foundation and concealer as you usually would and set it with a powder.

Then take your bronzer and work it into the hollows of your cheeks. To find them, you can suck in your cheeks and do the “fish face.” Start by making a line from your hair line down to about 1 inch from the corner of your mouth. Blend in circular motions and bring the color up to your temples and down to your jawline.

Take your highlighter and apply it onto your brow bones, down the center of your nose and at the top of your cheek bones.

Then apply your blush and anything else as you normally would. And you will have your finished look with a highlighted and contoured face!

Check back tomorrow for day 8 of our countdown that will feature some holiday hair ideas.

Hot Halloween Looks

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to dress up as. It is even more difficult to think about what you might already have in the house to help create a costume for less money. To help you out, listed below there are 10 items you most likely already have in your cosmetic bag that will help you create an amazing Halloween look!

1. Black Eyeliner.
This is a staple that can be found in almost any gal’s cosmetic case. There are a variety of types: pencil, kohl, gel and liquid. For Halloween, liquid and gel liners will be easier because they are generally easier to apply when trying to execute specific details.

Here are some great Halloween eyeliner looks that would look great with
some colorful eyeshadow (4) and rhinestones (2). 

2. Rhinestones.
This is a guilty pleasure for Halloween. Rhinestones are one of those things that, if used right, look amazing. Halloween is a great excuse to utilize them to take your look to the next level. Unfortunately rhinestones aren’t wearable for everyday, so take the opportunity to incorporate them in a fun way with your costume!

We love how Selena Gomez uses body rhinestones, they are a fun way to add 
some more detail and tie the look together. 

3. Pigment Powder.
Like rhinestones, pigment powder can add such dimension to a makeup look. Due to the drastic nature of Halloween and costumes, this is a perfect time to experiment with it!  If you don’t have pigment powders in your cosmetic bag, take an old eyeshadow and crumble it up to create more of a loose powder!  The color will be more pigmented and you’ll get easier (and wider) application.

Pigment powder gives lots of dimension to the eyes and can also be used on the body. 
We love this color scheme and the use of feathers with the pigment powder!

4. An Eyeshadow Palette.
You know when you are hesitant buying a palette because there are some neon colors that you will surely never use? Now is a great time to use them! You can use them on the lid and all over the face depending on your costume.

This Pop-Culture Cyclops makeup is a great way to experiment
and go outside-the-box with colors and designs.

5. Mattes.
This seems general, but dig through your makeup collection and pull out your mattes in the shade range you will likely use with your costume. A good dark brown matte eyeshadow or bronzer can be your best friend in achieving many popular Halloween looks that don’t call for the flashiness of rhinestones (2) or pigments (3).

Matte nails, lips, face and eyes really work when trying to 
create some of the “scarier” Halloween looks. 

6. Concealer.
This is the one day a year where you can’t possibly be wearing too much concealer! It can help with a variety of things like cleaning up lines to make them more precise, for contrast and to “erase” the lips. Erasing you lips means that you can construct a new shape or build unnatural color on top of them without the natural reddish color showing through.

Although the focus is usually on the face and the costume, the lips can be a 
great way to add to your costume. 

7. Brushes.
Brushes are really important to achieve the accuracy needed in these makeup looks. Make sure that you have, and clean all of your brushes before you start so you have everything on-hand and ready to go!

The liner, shadow and contouring of this look is very detailed
and very precise, this sort of masterpiece can only be 
accomplished with the right tools!

8. False Lashes.
False lashes are always fun to wear when dressing up. Now, there are so many options besides the “standard” false lashes. If you have had your eye on some wacky lashes, work them into your Halloween look!

These lashes would look great on a witch or any other Halloween costume!

9. Eye Makeup Remover.
This is a staple product, and will come in really handy when experimenting with Halloween makeup. If you are using pigments (3), they can tend to fall and get messy, and for any mistakes made with the eyeliner (1) or eyeshadow (4).

This is supposed to mimic lace. If it was done in a variety
of colors it could act as scales on a beast! This very detailed 
makeup look will call for eye makeup remover when mistakes
are made.

10. Setting Spray.
One of the most important things to remember when you are finishing up is to use setting spray! This will help your makeup stay put and last throughout the night!

You don’t want to put in this much work for it to smudge!

What is the best costume that you have ever had on Halloween? We would love to hear from you! Let us know via Twitter @makeup4yourday.

Trending Fall/Winter Color: Oxblood

Oxblood is the hot hue of the season. Almost anything is available in this dark burgundy shade. Leather pants, purses, trench coats, headbands, t-shirts, dresses, ankle boots and many more things. There is no surprise that it has become a hit in the makeup world as well. You can find this shade in blushes, eye shadows, lip liner, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara and nail polish.

The great thing about oxblood makeup looks is that they are always multidimensional. They are usually paired with rich golds and deep browns, creating a very sultry look. This hue can look great for very bold high-fashion wear (see models below on the left), to red carpet wear (Kristen Stewart is seen with these kinds of smokey eyes often) and also everyday wear. 

Though you may not want to wear such a bold shade on your wedding day, this shade would be great for a night out with the girls or a bachelorette party!

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