Spring Trends from the Runway

Runway shows are a great way to tell what will be trendy that season. Whether it is clothing, accessories, swimwear, wedding dresses or hair and makeup. We love scouting runway shows for great trends. Here are some of the top trends that we found in designer runway shows for Spring 2013. 
Stella McCartney’s models looks so fresh-faced and gorgeous. The look included clean skin, contoured cheeks, barely-there-blush, barely-there-brows, very light mascara and turquoise eyeliner on the lower lash line. This look is so fun and wearable. Because the rest of the eye makeup was so subdued, the turquoise is a noticeable pop, but it isn’t overbearing. 
Spring 2013 for Michael Kors also included bright eyeliner. However, the application and placement was a little different. We think that this look is so fun and trendy for the runway, but this is not a very wearable everyday look. 
Moving from the eyes to the lips, Jason Wu’s models all featured beautiful skin and bright red lips. These bright matte lips are a beautiful focal point on the face. The look works well with a defined contour and defined brows. We love this look for work, a night out or date night – a very wearable and very sexy look!
Gucci’s spring 2013 trends include a very 60’s “Twiggy” look. With slicked hair and middle parts, the attention is drawn to the dark, defined eyes and incredible lashes. The skin and lips are left clean and neutral to focus attention on the beautiful smokey eyes and false lashes. 
The Spring 2013 show for Dolce and Gabbana was so interesting. The runway featured bold prints and a multitutde of colors, textures and patterns. This is why the makeup was kept relatively simple. The models featured a black cat-eye, a contoured face and coral lips and cheeks. We think the look was fresh and fun and perfect for spring. 
We love these fresh spring trends for 2013. Besides Michael Kors, these are all beautiful, wearable daytime and nighttime looks. What Spring 2013 hair or makeup trend are you most exited about? Let us know in the comments box below!

Trending: Colored Hair Masks

Last year, hair chalk was all the rage. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and others were seen sporting a variety of hues. Moving into winter months, the bright colors disappeared. 
It is springtime again and we are seeing new innovations in semi-permanent hair color. As much as everyone liked hair chalk, it tended to be drying on the hair. Cue hydrating color masks in a variety of cool colors. Now you can multi-task and hydrate your hair while coloring it!
Available at Urban Outfitters. 
We think that these can be very versatile. If you have dark brown hair and use a purple or blue, it can look trendy without looking too overwhelming. You can use the color to do tips, to do streaks or you can fully cover your hair. We definitely think that this is a fun summer trend.
What do you think of this trend – is this something that you would try? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

2011 Southern Bride and Groom Magazine!

We are so honored to be featured in another Southern Bride & Groom magazine this Winter/Spring!  Please contact us if you’d like a copy or stop by your local bridal show or Belk to pick up a copy.  You can also go to the Southern Bride & Groom website here to get a copy.

Here are some photos from our shoots that we did with Dara Blakely Photography at The Sutherland in Wake Forest.  Under those you’ll see photos from our shoot with Neil Boyd at the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham.  Enjoy!

Bridal Show in Raleigh, NC

Today was a long day at the bridal show in Raleigh! We got there at 8am to set up for makeup in the show. We were featured artists–doing all the makeup for the models on stage. Everything ran very smoothly and we had tons of fun with all the ladies. After almost 2.5 hours of makeup and nearly 20 models the doors opened and in swarmed all the brides. Today’s show was great with lots of eager MOBs and “Bride’s Little Helper’s” (as the cute sticker-tags said). We were able to talk to a lot of brides that had questions about our business and what we actually do when we come out. It was very interesting to see some peoples’ responses when we let them know that we provide this great service to pamper them. Needless to say, if they hadn’t thought about having someone come out before the show…they are definitely thinking about it now! What a treat! A lot of the bridesmaids were excited about it, as well.

The show had a wonderful assortment of vendors, too. We ran into Debbie from Magic Happens Travel who is wonderful! She’s actually coordinating my wedding in Jamaica right now and has been absolutely phenomenal in making this as stress free as possible. I met Debbie through my business partner, Jennifer House, who used Magic Happens for her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic last year. She’s great! If you haven’t booked your honeymoon yet, definitely check her out. She and Marcie and Michael are all great to work with and you’ll have a lot of fun.

There were a lot of photographers, as usual, but some of the ones that we really like to see at every show and work with hand-in-hand are Cara and Jonathan from F8 Photography. They are hilarious and get some of the most dynamic and out-of-the-box photos that I’ve seen. Too bad they’re unavailable for my wedding in Jamaica…that would be trouble waiting to happen! 🙂

We took tons of photos today (thanks to my soon-to-be-hubby) and will update the website soon. I’ll post some of the good ones in the next couple of days to this blog.

If you met us at the show and enjoyed chatting us up let us know and leave us a comment! We look forward to hearing all about your planning!

Have a great night everyone!

~Jen Parker

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