Spring Trends from the Runway

Runway shows are a great way to tell what will be trendy that season. Whether it is clothing, accessories, swimwear, wedding dresses or hair and makeup. We love scouting runway shows for great trends. Here are some of the top trends that we found in designer runway shows for Spring 2013. 
Stella McCartney’s models looks so fresh-faced and gorgeous. The look included clean skin, contoured cheeks, barely-there-blush, barely-there-brows, very light mascara and turquoise eyeliner on the lower lash line. This look is so fun and wearable. Because the rest of the eye makeup was so subdued, the turquoise is a noticeable pop, but it isn’t overbearing. 
Spring 2013 for Michael Kors also included bright eyeliner. However, the application and placement was a little different. We think that this look is so fun and trendy for the runway, but this is not a very wearable everyday look. 
Moving from the eyes to the lips, Jason Wu’s models all featured beautiful skin and bright red lips. These bright matte lips are a beautiful focal point on the face. The look works well with a defined contour and defined brows. We love this look for work, a night out or date night – a very wearable and very sexy look!
Gucci’s spring 2013 trends include a very 60’s “Twiggy” look. With slicked hair and middle parts, the attention is drawn to the dark, defined eyes and incredible lashes. The skin and lips are left clean and neutral to focus attention on the beautiful smokey eyes and false lashes. 
The Spring 2013 show for Dolce and Gabbana was so interesting. The runway featured bold prints and a multitutde of colors, textures and patterns. This is why the makeup was kept relatively simple. The models featured a black cat-eye, a contoured face and coral lips and cheeks. We think the look was fresh and fun and perfect for spring. 
We love these fresh spring trends for 2013. Besides Michael Kors, these are all beautiful, wearable daytime and nighttime looks. What Spring 2013 hair or makeup trend are you most exited about? Let us know in the comments box below!

Fun Summer Sets and Palettes!

In the fall, and at Christmas we shared some great palettes to get as gifts, to ask for as gifts.

Laura Mercier has released Secrets of Radiance Volume 5 which we think is a great collection for the summer. This set includes their best-selling illuminating foundation primer that makes skin look radiant.  There is also a Caviar Stick in a pink shimmery color to brighten the eyes and a Lip Glace in a sheer pink that has the perfect glossy finish. This set also includes a beautiful blush and highlight compact to complete the look. 

The Smashbox HEAT collection includes 4 trendy summer shades that are to die for! We love the super savvy and trend-setting colors that have great pigment and high-shine gloss all-in-one.

We LOVE these NARS nail duos. There are 4 different combos, but we love this banana and lilac duo. These are great sets to have for summer. You can use one on your hands and another on your feet, or you can mix and match. 

This is such a perfect palette for summer and here’s why – it’s waterproof! You read right, these powders are waterproof. Tarte is known for its Amazonian Clay-infused products which are great for the skin. This palette includes Amazonian clay and features 6 new eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter and a limited edition blush.  We love the colors, and the case is so cute! 
Benefit’s cheek tints and highlights are great to have, especially for summer time. These are perfect to pop into a purse or a beach bag. These liquid colors and highlights work great in the summer as a subtle  pick-me-up that is versatile enough to use on the lips, cheeks and even the eyes!

In our Reader Request Series we talked all about our love for OCC as a vegan line. We think that this mini set is adorable. It comes in a variety of its most popular colors, but we love this nude set for summer. This set comes with OCC’s best-selling lip tar and also a nail laquer. 

*All products available at Sephora

Do you want to try any palettes this summer? What summer products do you love? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Best Looks from the 2013 Met Gala

The annual MET Gala is always crawling with celebrities in the most incredible designer getups. As much as we love their outfits, we love seeing their hair and makeup even more! This year’s theme was “Punk: From Chaos to Couture.” We were immediately excited to see how grunge/ punk rock these otherwise glamorous celebrities would get for the occasion. Here are some of the most memorable looks of the night.

Miley Cyrus very recently got a nod as the year’s sexiest woman. She showed up in a fishnet dress and 90s punk-rock hair that was bleached with dark roots and very gelled. This 90s look wasn’t great in the 90s and it isn’t great now. While we didn’t love Miley Cyrus’ look for her hair and we think that other celebrities’ interpretations of “punk” looked much better we did enjoy the bold red lip reminiscent of the 90’s Cindy Crawford.
Glam diva Jennifer Lopez showed up looking dewy as always with a really pretty smokey eye. What made her look rock in our books was her faux hawk. It was edgy and cool, but still looks glamorous and wasn’t too over-the-top. 

Nicole Richie definitely made you look twice to make sure you were seeing things correctly. Her blonde locks were a grey/lilac color. Her hair was extremely textured and pulled back with lots of volume. Her lips picked up the subtle purple hue in her hair with a wine-colored lipstick. Her eyeliner was kept simple. We also thought her eyebrows looked great. For this occasion, we would give her look an A+. Her dress was also gorgeous.

Kristen Stewart always wears interesting smokey eyes that make her green eyes pop. This night was no different with her burgundy smokey eyes and slicked back hair. We love this look!
Emmy Rossum looked so cool. We love her grey lids with black liner all around and a smudged (but still very neat) brown exaggerated cat eye extending outwards. The focus was definitely on her eyes, but her eyebrows also looked incredible. Once you stop staring at her awesome eye makeup you notice how intricate her braided updo/ topknot is, which is also very cool. We love this!
Minka Kelly looked beautiful with dark, matt lips, defined brows and dewy skin, but what we loved more than that was her hair. We think that this would be a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. We love the braid and the stunning hair piece. Although she didn’t look as punk as some other celebrities, we thought that she looked great!

 Cara Delevingne had beautiful smokey eyes and dark, defined brows. We love the black liner around her whole eye with a beautiful grey-brown smokey palette used above and below the eye. The skin and lips were kept simple so that the focus was on the eyes. We also liked how her hair was left down with one side tightly braided and the other side was worn down, straight and textured. We thought that this was a really cool and more wearable “punk” hairstyle. 
What do you think of these celebrities and their “punk” looks? We would love to know via the comments box below, through Facebook or Twitter!

5 Amazing Makeup Box Subscriptions

Are you a product junkie? Do you have lots of things on your wish list? Then you should look into signing up for a makeup box subscription. There are a variety of companies that offer these subscriptions and each one is unique.

1. Birchbox offers a wide variety of brands (no seriously, click that link. It will feel like you’re scrolling for days!) for $10 a month. They claim to have hand-picked only the best brands that include niche brands, long time favorites, clinical skin care lines and makeup artist approved cosmetics.

2. Ipsy offers a free membership. When you sign up you take a comprehensive (and fun) quiz about your makeup likes and dislikes, the brands you love, your skin and hair issues and your overall comfort with makeup and your willingness to try new looks. Once you complete the quiz you can sign up for their glam bags for $10 a month. Their bags contain 4-5 products in a collectable makeup bag each month.

3. What is unique about BeautyArmy is that you can hand-pick which 6 samples you would like to have sent to you. Another unique thing about this subscription is that you can skip a month anytime that you like. The cost is slightly higher at $12 a month, but the fact that you can skip months to use up last month’s samples are a bonus. Handpicking your own samples is also fun!

4. Beauty Fix is also different from Birchbox and Ipsy. Like Beauty Army you will first answer questions to create a profile. Based on your beauty profile, panellists will hand-pick a wide variety of products that you will like. From there, you choose your 8 favorite and purchase them for $49.99. That seems steep compared to the other $10 a month deals, but that price is regardless of what products and brands you snatch that can be worth that price on their own.

5. Glossy Box follows the Ipsy and Birchbox method of sending samples monthly. It is more expensive at $21 a month and offers a wide variety of brands. First you choose your “plan”, whether you like eco-friendly products or you prefer a chic, modern look, Glossy Box will send you products that will suit your preferences based off that plan.

Have you ever tried one of these? Would you consider it? This is a great way to try new things and find new products that work for you!

MYD is featured on the Wedding Chicks Blog!

We are so excited to share that a photo shoot that we were a part of was recently featured on Wedding Chicks! This wedding blog is ranked top three worldwide, boasting almost 40, 000 Facebook fans and around 50, 000 Twitter followers!

We absolutely loved being a part of this shoot. We were able to work within the vintage theme and created the most beautiful curls and red lips. The retro pin curls, pink cheeks and red lips look amazing in the photos and give off a romantic, retro vibe that we love!

We were so excited to work with such an incredible team on this shoot, including Live View Studios, Ruche, Uncommon Gatherings Vintage, Linacucina LLC and Embellished Blooms
To see the more photos, and the full post on Wedding Chicks, click here.
To see more other photo shoots that we have had the pleasure of being a part of, check out our Facebook Page

MYD Bride Kelly inspires beautiful Date Night Makeup

Kelly was such a beautiful, sweet bride – we absolutely loved working with her! MYD artist Kerri gave her the perfect “blushing bride” look. We think that this is a gorgeous bridal look and we also think that this is a perfect makeup look for a date night!
[All photos courtesy of Dancing Heart Photography]
Kelly reminds us a lot of brunette starlet Lucy Hale. Like Kelly, Lucy also wears fresh skin with pink cheeks and defined eyes. We definitely think that this look is date-night-worthy!
We love how the look is subtle, but also has just enough emphasis on the eyes and cheeks. Both Kelly and Lucy have a pinky glow to their cheeks which gives them that perfect “flush.” If you want to try this look on date night, we suggest that you keep a more neutral lip color like Kelly and Lucy. 

In a wedding, having defined eyes looks great in photos. On date night, defined eyes are alluring and can transform your daytime look into a stunning nighttime look. 

What are some of your favorite date night looks? Do you prefer subtle eyes and a bright lip? Let us know in the comments box below!

Foods that Help your Hair Grow!

People say that you always want what you don’t have. It is the same when it comes to hair. Between the perms, chemical straightens, hair dyes and hair cuts only one thing stays the same – the desire to have healthy hair that grows quickly.
If you are having problems with hair loss. Good foods to include in your diet include:
Red Meat – Lean red meat is one of the best foods to help prevent hair loss. The iron in red meat helps other nutrients get absorbed more easily by the hair follicles. Red meat also contains sulphur which increases blood flow to the scalp which in turn will promote hair growth. 
Eggs – Eggs contain lots of B 12 vitamins and proteins that penetrate deep into the root and hair follicle to nourish hair from the inside. Eggs also contain four other important minerals including zinc, sulphur, iron and selenium. 
Tofu – Tofu is extremely high in iron. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss, so include foods that are high in iron in your diet if you are trying to prevent hair loss. 
Beans – Beans contain silica. Silica is used by the body to absorb minerals and vitamins which is important because even if you take vitamin supplements, if the body cannot absorb them then they will go to waste. 
Coriander – Coriander may be a surprise, but this herb helps to clean toxic metals from the body. Toxic metals prevent the transport of nutrients to the scalp which will, in turn, cause hair loss. 
If you are looking to promote hair growth, consider these foods:
Asparagus – Asparagus is a superfood. It has folic acid that helps the body absorb protein. It is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C containing fibre and iron. Eating asparagus will help with thicker and shinier hair. 
Flax Seeds – Flax seeds are high in iron and also in Omega-3s which will help maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. 
Oats – Oats contain potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron which will all boost hair growth. 
Milk – Milk is packed with essential proteins and calcium, this is an important building block in hair growth. 

Green Vegetables
– Green leafy vegetables are a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and contain high amounts of iron and selenium. These vitamins assist in the creation of sebum which conditions and promotes hair growth. 
A great diet is key for everything. Great skin, healthy hair and an overall well-being. For more tips and tricks, LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW US on Twitter to stay in the loop when we post new content. 

MYD Reader Request Series: Warm vs. Cool Skin Tones

Knowing if you have a cool or warm undertone can do wonders for you. Not just in terms of choosing makeup, but also for picking clothing and accessories as well. 
Margo asks… “What is the difference between a warm skin tone and a cool skin tone? And how can I tell which one I am?”
If you are warm, then you will have yellow, golden or peach undertones. Lipsticks that have orangey or peach color to them, such as a nude, tend to look great on your skin. You will also find that gold jewelery looks good on your skin as well. 
If you are cool then you will have pink, red or blue undertones. Lipsticks that have purple or blue color to them, such as a fuchsia, look good on your skin. Silver jewellery looks great on people with a cool skin tone. 
If you are neutral then you have a mix between cool and warm undertones. For foundations, you may find if you pick just yellow-based or pink-based foundations that they may look too orange or grey. Try mixing a warm and cool foundation to find your perfect shade. 
Once of the most common ways to distinguish if you have a warm or cool undertone is to look at the veins on your inner wrist. If the veins are bluish or purple, then you have a cool undertone. If the veins are more green then you have a warm undertone. If it looks like a little bit of both, you may be neutral. 
As a rule, most people who have blue, green or grey eyes with blonde, brown or black hair – you most likely have a cool undertone. If you have brown, black or hazel eyes with any hair color – you will most likely have a warm undertone. 
As you can see in this photo, Reese Witherspoon (with blue eyes and blonde hair) has a cool skin tone. This is why bright red lips and bright pink blush looks good on her skin. Whereas Nicole Richie (hazel eyes and blonde hair) has a warm skin tone. This is why she has an orangey apricot blush and peachy lips.
If you have a cool undertone, select a foundation that has a pink undertone to it. If you have a warm undertone, select a foundation that has a yellow undertone to it. These will be the most flattering on your skin. Many cosmetic companies are beginning to divide and label their foundation shades into Cool, Warm and Neutral sections so that the customers can choose a shade from the proper shade that will suit their skin.
We hope that you enjoyed our Reader Request Series this week. We really enjoyed answering your questions and sharing our expertise. If you missed them, check out Monday’s post on BB Creams, Tuesday’s post on Organic and Vegan Cosmetic Lines, Wednesday’s post on How to Properly Fill Your Brows and Thursday’s post on Laugh Lines.  
Don’t forget, if you ever have a question or would like us to blog about something specific – let us know. We would love to hear from you!

MYD Reader Request Series: Laugh Lines

We hope everyone has been enjoying our Reader Request Series so far. Today we are going to tackle another thing that is tough to tackle – fine lines and wrinkles.

Becky asks… “What can I do about my laugh lines?”

The market is flooded with anti-wrinkle creams, youth serums and tons of products for mature skin. Although we cannot get into all of those things in this post, definitely leave a comment below if you would be interested in having us write an in-depth post about anti-aging products.

For today’s post we are going to cover some tips and tricks that can help you disguise and fill fine lines.

As with anything, you want to start with clean, fresh skin. Remember that adequate sleep and hydration can work wonders for your face.

Next you will want to moisturize. If your skin is dry, whatever product you apply will be visible, stick to any dry patches and make any fine lines more prominent.

After you moisturize, you can use a skin plumper such as Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Lines No More. This product instantly plumps skin and after 15 minutes it can reduce the wrinkle line’s depth by 32%. This is a great quick fix in the morning before makeup and is especially great to use before a party or an important event.

Choosing the right foundation is important in ensuring that you are not highlighting any fine lines. Make sure to use a liquid foundation that isn’t too heavy. You want to ensure that foundation looks natural and sinks into your skin instead of caking and creasing where you have lines. A thiner, lighter consistency will help accomplish this.

Using cream-based products is a really great trick for avoiding drawing attention to fine lines. You want to really dab in the product to make sure it is absorbed. If you layer it too thickly then the opposite can happen and the cream can crease and look unnatural.

It is important to remember not to use bronzer on any fine lines. The darkness of the bronzer will emphasize the depth and create more of a shadow. If you have crows feet, dab a tiny amount of highlighter on the outer corners of your eye. This will reflect light and camouflage the lines.

Again, be sure to take great care of your skin with lots of water, moisturizer, sleep and a good diet. This will help you look and feel great from the inside-out.

Tomorrow is the last day of Reader Request Series, we have really enjoyed answering your questions. If you have enjoyed this series or found it helpful, let us know in the comments box below and we can do it again soon!

MYD Reader Request Series: Filling in your Eyebrows

On day three of our Reader Request Series we are covering a tricky topic for most – how to properly fill your brows. Almost every woman has dealt with patchiness, an over-pluck disaster and non-symmetrical brows.

Anonymous asks… “I have really thin eyebrows, and I want to know how to fill them in properly so that they don’t look fake! What sort of products and techniques should I use?” 

First, it is important to understand how to properly shape your eye brow. The diagram below demonstrates where the brow should be in relation to your eye.  
You can use a pencil, powder, wax or a combination. MYD’s Jen H has become a brow expert from years of experience and from trying a variety of products and techniques. She loves creating beautiful brows – after all they do frame the face!
Jen H prefers to use brow pencils and says that the best way to fill eyebrows is to start at the arch. From there, use short strokes against the grain of the hair. This technique will make the pencil look more natural in your brows and will fill between the hairs. Work your way inward until you reach the inside edge of your eyebrow. 
Then, use a clean mascara wand or brow comb to comb and blend. We love Laura Mercier’s brow grooming brush because it is soft and effective. 
Finally, work the pencil with short strokes from the arch of the brow towards the end of the brow following the natural hair grain. Comb again with a brush. 
If you are using a powder instead of a pencil, use the same technique but use a stiff angled brush (such a LAURA MERCIER’s double-ended brow brush or MAC’s #208) with the powder you will want to push the product into your brow. 
Some of our favorite brow products are MAC’s eyebrow pencils, CHANEL’s sculpting eyebrow pencil and LAURA MERCIER’s brow powder duo. 

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments box below! We will see you again tomorrow to answer another one of the great questions that were submitted.

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