YOUR Makeup Must Haves

As makeup artists and stylists we come across A LOT of products. We want to know what your must-haves are! Leave a comment via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below and your product could be selected for a full product review on our blog.

Let us know what your traveling must-haves are!

For the skin we love The Duwop Flight stick.

This sheer coverage balm is in a universally flattering shade and has a touch of caffeine to wake skin up while also containing ingredients to combat dryness while protection and hydrating with antioxidants. 
For the hair we love Alterna’s Bamboo Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo.

This sheer dry shampoo gives volume to freshly cleansed hair or a little more texture to “second day” old hair.  We also love the way it smells.

Let us know what your purse must-haves are!

We love YSL’s Touche Eclat and MAC’s Blot Powder for highlighting, concealing, refreshing makeup and touch ups throughout the day.


Let us know what your daily must-haves are!
We love Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer.  This primer has a soft focus effect that minimizes imperfections and keeps makeup fresh and color-true.

Again, we can’t wait to hear about your favorite products!  Leave your comment via TwitterFacebook or the comments box below and your product could be selected for a full product review on our blog!

Spotlight on: Clinique’s NEW Superprimers!

For anyone who battles redness, dullness or any other discoloration – meet Clinique’s new Superprimers. Many “corrective” primers have been popping up in the marketplace, but these are definitely going to give them a run for their money. 
Clinique’s new Superprimers come in 6 different formulas (shown above.) There is one for redness, dullness, sallowness, discoloration, dullness in darker skin tones and a regular primer formula. These primers create a perfect base for your foundation and help to brighten and even out skin tone before the foundation is even applied. 
The Superprimer also smoothes out your skin and will help your foundation stay true to its color and apply evenly. Once you apply your foundation and your concealer, set it all with powder and you will be set with a flawless face! 

Have you ever tried corrective primers – what do you think? We would love to know! Let us know in the comments box below!

Pro Tips for Primers

Whether you live in a wicked hot climate, have super long days, or just want your makeup to stay – primers are key to prepping you for products. This will give you better application, better staying power and an overall enhanced look. So here are some tips for all of the preppers out there.

Prep those lashes!

This is a relatively recent thing, but prepping your lashes can make them appear fuller and longer with a layer of lash primer. Many of them contain serum that will make your eyelashes healthier, which is a great added bonus!

Less is More.

Remember, this isn’t the actual product and shouldn’t make a visible different so you don’t need to layer it on! Just lightly apply your primer to your face, lids and lashes so that when you apply the actual product it will apply evenly.

Don’t Forget your Eyes!

Eye primer works as a 3-in-1. It absorbs oil that will prevent your makeup from creasing, it softens any fine lines and lastly, it provides staying power for your makeup. So don’t skip this step!

Your Lips need Love Too.

To prime your lips you don’t necessarily need a lip primer. Just exfoliate and use whatever lip treatment you prefer so that when you go to apply product to your lip, whether it be gloss, lipstick or lip stain – it will apply neatly and evenly.

What are some of your favorite primers? Let us know in the comments box below!

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