MYD Shares some SPF Tips

~ The best time to apply sunscreen is right after showering, or right before you leave the house. This is to enable the product to fully absorb into your skin to provide the desired protection.
~ Buy and apply a broad spectrum formula. This means that the formula will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
~ Although we all love the “do-it-all” products, if your moisturizer or foundation includes SPF that is under SPF 15 then you should apply another product that is (at least) SPF 30. Do not apply the second product until the first is fully absorbed.
~ Reapply your sunscreen every 1-2 hours.
            * Experts suggest that you apply sunscreen under your makeup, so how do you reapply during the day if you have also applied makeup? Beauty experts suggest SPF powders. They will absorb oil and protect you from UV rays. 
~ Although lips are on the face, most people don’t think they need to apply sunscreen to the lips like they do to their faces, but lips are also very vulnerable to sun damage. Apply a SPF balm under your favorite lip color, or find a lip balm that includes SPF in the formula.
~ Until recently, not much was said about UV damaged strands because you can’t get cancer from too much UV exposure to your hair. However, the UV rays can make your hair dull and dry. There are many spray-on SPF hair protectants and moisturizers that are great to spritz on before heading out. We also love summery statements such as beach hats to protect your face and hair from the sun. 
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MYD loves Summer Hat Hair!

Whether you are at the beach, by the pool, at a BBQ or just on the go – a great way to look good, keep cool and protect your face is with a fashionable summer hat. We prefer this look when it isn’t polished. We love the hair textured, loose and undone.
No matter your hair length or the type of hat, it’s great how versatile this accessory can be. Hats can be dressed up, dressed down and can make bed head look so fashionable.  

We want to know what you think of this trendy summer accessory. Will you be sporting this laid-back style this summer? Let us know in the comments box below!

MYD Answers a Reader Question: Product Recommendations for Dull Skin

At MYD we love our clients and our readers. Our Reader Request Series was really popular and we really enjoyed sharing some tips, tricks and our expertise with everyone. We wanted to remind everyone that you can ask us questions at any time.

Neera asks:

“I am looking for a moisturizer that makes my skin glow and a serum that targets dark spots. My skin feels dull post-pregnancy. Do you have any suggestions?”

Our top two suggestions are from Clarins and Eminence.

Clarins Brightening Serum and Brightening Moisturizer evens and brightens dull skin. Sea lily extract helps to correct dark spots and pigmentation. Over time darkness fades and reveals luminous skin. All of the products in Clarins’ brightening and pigmentation line work great, but we highly suggest trying samples before committing to a full-size bottle. 

Eminence has a great new line of brightening products. They are the very first organic line that offers products that can achieve comprable results to hydroquinone cream. We love this organic line, their products do not contain parabens, sulfates, synthetics dyes petrochemicals or animal byproducts. You can order these products online or in spas that carry Eminence products.

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MYD Bride Kyla inspires Lilac Lids

Kyla was such a beautiful bride, we absolutely loved working with her! She requested a  beautiful volumized updo that was pinned back beautifully and had gorgeous mauve cheeks and lips. MYD’s talented Jen B and Beth were there to create Kyla’s beautiful bride look.  
{Gorgeous Photos courtesy of Sweet Life Studios}

Kyla looked beautiful from head-to-toe on her special day. We especially loved her purple lids!. Want to try it, but aren’t sure how? You can make it as subtle or bold as you want. Rhianna looks great with the bold lilac lids against her darker skin tone. Rachel McAdams dons a more subtle look, but plays it up enough to make her green eyes pop.

Start by concentrating the color at the lash line and see if you like it as a subtle eyeliner. This can be a great way to incorporate hints of purple without being too bold. If you aren’t ready to wear this color out, try it before you wash your makeup off at night. This is a versatile and flattering color that looks great on many skin tones and with all eye colors. 
Will you try lilac lids this summer? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below! 

Fresh Skin Inspired by Beautiful MYD Bride Crista

Crista looked stunning with a bouquet of fresh spring tulips walking down the aisle. She is such a natural beauty. We love her flawless skin, and her beautiful pulled back hair with loose pieces framing her face. MYD’s Shannan made Crista’s hair look amazing and MYD’s N’Zinga did an awesome job with Crista’s airbrush and makeup. 
Airbrush makeup is a service that we offer at Makeup for Your Day. Our staff has gone through extensive training to ensure that you will look incredible on your wedding day. Your skin will look flawless and radiant in photos and it won’t budge all day. If you miss our post about airbrush makeup and its benefits, check it out here

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MYD Shares some Pinterest Faves!

Today’s post is dedicated to some of our favorite hair pins on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to explore and find different hairstyles for your wedding. Here are some of our favorite pins.  
A very popular trend in wedding hairstyles is a twisted and pinned updo. These updos look incredible with embellished hair accessories. 

If you want a more laid-back look, we love these loose waves and this ombre hairstyle! This would look so stunning with an embellished hairpiece. 

Loose waves will always be a great option for a wedding hairstyle. To take it to the next level, consider pulling some pieces back into a twisted or braided crown. This gives your hair formal look while still maintaining the laid back look of wearing your hair in loose waves. 

We absolutely love this hairstyle. It is so unique and beautiful. This would be such an incredible wedding hairstyle. 

If you have straight bangs, this is a beautiful hairstyle. It is a great alternative to an updo, and looks so great with her veil and her earrings. 

We love braids. They give a unique look and texture to a loose hairstyle worn down, and they also look great in an updo.

We love this loose, undone look with the viel. It is such a feminine and romantic look. If you are drawn to this sort of hairstyle, be sure to talk to your stylist about staying power, you want to ensure that your hair looks fabulous the whole night. 

The word updo means that your hair is pulled up away from your face and your neck, but we also love when hair is pulled low on the back of the neck. 

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Do you have any questions about what products or tools to use to style your hair? How to keep it healthy? Let us know in the comments box below to be featured in our Reader Request Series.

MYD presents Home Remedies to the Rescue

We love when we find common household items that can provide quick-fixes, or intermittent and ongoing remedies for a variety of beauty issues. We wanted to share some of our favorite home remedies with you in a series of posts that we will put up at the beginning of each month. Here are some of our April favorites!

For pimples a great home remedy is toothpaste. If you find Benzoyl Peroxide to be hard and drying on breakouts, or if you are using that too frequently as an overnight remedy, try toothpaste one night instead. Toothpaste helps absorb the oil and will shrink the pimple over night.

In the morning, wash your face and dab some Visine on your pimple. Visine reduces redness in eyes by shrinking blood vessels, and the same will apply to your pimple. Although it won’t last all day, dabbing some Visine on your pimple will help reduce redness for a few hours.

It seems like common knowledge that tea bags in cold water can help with puffy eyes. If you use caffeinated tea, the caffeine will shrink blood vessels which will help reduce swelling and redness. The cold temperature with also soothe and de-puff eyes. Tip: Avoid using Earl Grey tea. The oil of bergamot in this tea may cause an irritation for people with sensitive skin.

To get rid of product build up in your hair, rinse it with apple cider vinegar. ACV will also give you soft and shiny hair by sealing the hair cuticle (this is why you should not use shampoo or conditioner afterwards, instead just rinse the ACV out with cold water). And added bonus is that ACV is a natural dandruff remedy!

For dry and cracked cuticles try soaking your fingertips in warm water. Then massage olive oil on them. This will help seal in moisture, plus prevent your cuticles from becoming dry because of cold weather, hand washing and just everyday wear and tear.

Do you have a beauty question? You have the opportunity to ask whatever you want and we will ask our talented team of artists and stylists. They will answer your questions in our Reader Request series – read more about that here! And don’t forget to submit your answers in the comments box below, or via Twitter or Facebook.

Ask the Experts with MYD’s Reader Request Series

At Makeup for Your Day we love everything hair and makeup, and we want to share what we know with you. We have a large team of talented artists and stylists with many years of experience. Our team has used a plethora of products, encountered many beauty blunders (and overcame them) and have picked up some industry secrets along the way!
As we gear up for wedding season to begin in May, we are going to dedicate the last week of April to posts that you want to read. Let us know product reviews, techniques, or tips and tricks that you want to know. Whether it is about makeup brushes, lip color, great hairsprays, our top recommendations for hair styling tools, what is in our bags – anything! 
We will collect any responses that we receive (from now until April 19) on Twitter, Facebook and the Comments box below and start crafting a week’s worth of responses that you request. 

We are extremely excited for our very first Reader Request Series! Be sure to let us know any beauty qualms or questions that you have and our amazing and knowledgable staff of artists and stylists can answer them for you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

A Spring Trend that you Should Try!

Nail art has become increasingly popular and it is amazing to see what people can accomplish on their nails. The art can range from a simpler design like two-tone nails, stripes or chevron to a completely advanced design of movie characters or holiday decor. 
We love this fairly simple coral nail with peach tips, it is perfect for springtime. The glitter and rhinestone add some extra oomph as well.
These Olympic nails are a great idea! We will have to wait until the winter Olympics next year to try them out. 
 This is an absolutely beautiful design. We love the ballerina pink nails with a hint of soft, silver glitter at the bottom of the nail close to the nail bed. 
 These nails are definitely show-stoppers! An increasing trend in nail art is to glue pieces to the nail to make it 3-dimensional. We love the use of gluing the flowers to the nails for the eyes of the skulls.
 We love the intricate design and colors used in this nail art. The black, white, purple, pink, orange and mint make an interesting palette for a very interesting variety of designs such as dots, lines, dashes and squiggles. 
 Summer is fast approaching, and these fruity nails give off a very summery vibe. 
 These nails are adorable! We love the creative genius, as well as colors used for these nails that were inspired by the Pixar movie Up. 

These nails are perfect for everyday, but we think these would be especially perfect for the 4th of July! We love the red, white and blue!

Scrabble tiles? We love how creative people get. This is a great and versatile idea that can be fairly simple for people that are less experienced with nail art. This would require a thin, brush-like tool to be able to neatly paint the letters. 
 These Toy Story nails are adorable. They make us nostalgic for the unforgettable characters that these movies feature. 
These nails are so fun and are perfect for summer. We love how this nail artists achieved a messy look without a mess. The surface of the nail is still smooth and the colors aren’t too blended together. This was achieved by waiting for each layer to completely dry before adding a new one. 
 We love holiday nails, and with Easter around the corner, we wanted to share these cute Easter nails. 

We want to know if you have ever tried nail art! What colors and tools did you use? Let us know via the comments box below, or post a photo on Twitter and share it with @makeup4yourday .

A Fun MYD Training Session with lots of Photos and a Video!

At Makeup for Your Day we believe that learning is a consistent part of being a good stylist or artist. This is why we hold refreshers and training sessions multiple times a year. With a strong emphasis on learning, our artists and stylists can continue to grown and improve their skills. 
We have a behind-the-scenes look at the training, as well as some photos to share with you!
We love our revamped studio in Raleigh! It works great for training and our bridal consultations. 

Jennifer H and Jennifer B ready for a fun day. 
Below are some of the awesome updos that our stylists did for our models. 

The staff are hard at work. 

A special thanks to our models and our stylists for an extremely fun and successful day!

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And if you missed it yesterday, check out the incredible styled shoot that we were a part of!