All Shades of Pink for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here is a post dedicated to pretty pinks on this romantic holiday. 
Pink has been referred to as the “color of love,” hence its association with Valentine’s Day. It was first recorded as a color in the late 17th Century. Since then we have adopted it with open arms. We love how different shades of pink look feminine, yet sexy for eyes, lips and cheeks! 
There are many shades of pink. Fushcias, baby pinks, roses and many more. It is important to understand what kind of pinks look good on your skin tone. Most of the time there will be orange-based pinks and blue-based pinks. 
Although it may not be apparent at first, once you study the colors, deciphering whether they are orange-based or blue-based will become easier. For example, coral, cerise and bright pink are all orange-based pinks in the above photo. Fuchsia and cyber pink are both blue-based pinks. 
Here is Lady Gaga with a hot pink eye shadow look. Most people follow the rule to only have one bold feature with makeup. If you have bold eyes, do subdued lips – and if you have bold lips, go for more natural eyes. In this look, Lady Gaga has intense (blue-based) hot pink eyes and orangey-red lips – and she pulls it off!

This is a more subtle pink look that would be great for a Valentine’s Day date. The perfectly pink cheeks and subtle hint of pink on the brow bone keeps her face fresh and youthful. We also love the lashes. This look is romantic, feminine and beautiful!

To make pink a workable shade for your eyes, you have to be sure you pick the right hue. Here, the makeup artist has pick a very blue-based, almost purple pink eye shadow to compliment the model’s eyes. We think that this looks beautiful for the runway, but is not a very wearable daytime look.

We think this model is absolutely stunning! Her red hair is to die for and we love her rosy cheeks and pinky lips. This is a great date night look for Valentine’s Day!

A smokey pink-red eye? How could we not love it! Although we think this is more meant for the runways and magazines instead of date night or real life, we think this smokey pink-red eye looks smouldering and incredible!

Here is another date-night-worthy look for Valentine’s Day. Clean skin, amazing lashes and bold pink lips look strong, feminine and sexy. This is definitely a go-to look for date night!

Want to play with pink, but you’re not sure where to start? We love palettes. Any opportunity to play with a variety of colors to see what works, what doesn’t, what we love and what we don’t love as much – we will take it! The below MAC lip palette is a great way to experiment with pink lips. Some of these colors you might not buy in an individual lipstick tube, but with this palette you will get the opportunity to experiment. 

What are your Valentine’s Day date traditions? Dinner and a movie? A picnic? Let us know what you love to do and what makeup looks you want to try this Valentine’s Day!

Asheville, North Carolina Wedding Makeup

Justin and Bernie had a beautiful fall wedding in the mountains of North Carolina outside Asheville at Castle Ladyhawke. The scenery and the ceremony were beautiful. All of the leaves were changing to gorgeous browns and golds, but a fall wedding doesn’t mean you have to use fall colors for your makeup.

The talented Jennifer B headed to Asheville and Tuckasegee as the artist and stylist on scene for Bernie and her bridal party. She started the day with the Kett airbrush for flawless skin and tattoo coverage. If you haven’t had a chance to see what the Kett airbrush can accomplish for coverup and flawless skin, check out our post here.

Bernie was such a fun bride to work with. She requested hot pink eyeshadow for her wedding day. We used purple for depth in the crease with the hot pink lid, and then finished off with some loose pink pigment from Inglot. 

For her hair, Bernie had a sequin flower hair accessory that looked beautiful. Along with the makeup and the stunning dress, all of the elements came together to give her that “Wow”look. {Photos courtesy Kevin Milz Photography}

Congratulations to Bernie and Justin, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day! To see photos of other brides we have worked with, check out our Facebook page. To be in the loop about where we are and what we are doing, follow us on Twitter!

MYD on the scene at a Southern-Inspired Photoshoot

This past Thursday, Southern Weddings had their V5 launch party. Their new issue, now on newsstands, looks incredible! We are so excited to have been a part of a beautiful photo shoot that is featured in their new issue.

It is always great to collaborate on photo shoots. We love the team at Southern Weddings and other industry professionals that come together the day-of. This shoot included Eric Kelley Photography, Lora Elaine styling, dresses from Bella Bridesmaid and it was located at the beautiful Fearrington House.

This Southern-Inspired shoot pulled their inspiration from family traditions and home-grown food, which in this case was the heirloom tomato. They set out to incorporate their inspiration in all elements of the shoot. They accomplished this by bringing to life the colors and the family atmosphere that they envisioned.

Makeup for Your Day had a talented team of artists and stylists there to do the hair and makeup for the shoot. Kristin, Regan, Kerri, Jennifer B, N’Zinga and Kathy all worked so hard and everyone looked incredible! With so many people to do hair and makeup for, there was a great variety of face shapes, skin tones and hair textures which is always a fun and creative challenge!

We absolutely loved being a part of this amazing shoot. Be sure to check out the full thing by picking up a copy on newsstands! 

*Watch the behind-the-scenes footage of this beautiful Southern photo shoot here!*
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