Turn your Fave Lipstick into Gloss: MYD Tips and Tricks

We love this fun, simple and quick way to turn any lipstick color into lipgloss. It is a great way to make new colors with what you have. All you will need is:
– A Lighter, Tea Light or Candle (You need some sort of flame)
– A Metal sSoon
– A Lipstick 
– A Toothpick
– Vaseline or Aquaphor
– A Container (A contact case works great!)
– Eye Shadow (Optional) This is to add shimmer if you would like.
1. Use the toothpick to take the top portion of your lipstick
2. Put this in your metal spoon with some Vaseline/ Aquaphor
3. Hold the spoon over the flame until it melts
4. If you use more than one lipstick color, or you added some eyeshadow pigment for sparkle, use your toothpick to stick the liquid in the spoon
5. Pour the color into the desired container
The final product should look like this when it dries. And it is the perfect, unique shade just for you!
The great thing about this is that you can create whole palettes this way. We love the versatility. You can control how sheer the color is depending on how much Vaseline/Aquaphor you add. You can mix multiple colors to create completely new shades and if you like, you can add shimmer with eyeshadow. 
What color gloss would you like to make? We would love to know. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

Light it Right: MYD Preps for Runway Show, Plus Demo Video to Come!

Makeup For Your Day is excited to be doing hair and makeup for the models of a fashion show in Wilmington. Artist and stylist Jen H will be on location to get the models ready, and she has agreed to give us a demonstration with some tips and tricks! 

We love behind-the-scenes footage and we can’t wait to see the products and techniques!

Due to the fact that runway lighting is very harsh and bright, it is very easy to get a ‘washed out’ look if you don’t apply makeup correctly.

1. Even skin is in. First you want to make sure that your foundation and concealer are blended well so that there are no lines or obvious color differences in the makeup. It shouldn’t look like the model is wearing foundation, instead it should look like they have fresh, even skin.

2. Contouring is your best friend. With bright overhead lights and cameras everywhere, using matte contouring products can add depth and define your face shape which will ultimately be more flattering in photos.

3. Blend that blush! Harsh, bright light is the least forgiving, if you don’t blend properly then it will be very noticeable. Unless you are styling a haute couture show with a certain aesthetic that requires the blush to be very obvious, then be sure to blend.

4. Darken those eyes. Just like with your face, you will want to define your eyes with some contouring on the brow bone. If you want your eyes to look dark and stand out. Use liner, mascara and false lashes.

5. Layer. Due to the fact that the lighting is harsh and can wash you out, be sure to layer your products. Blush, mascara, liner – do double-time for these products so that they really stand out. It may look too dark under regular lighting, but it will look lighter under the runway lights.

We can’t wait for Jen H to give us a behind-the-scenes demo, be sure to stay tuned for the announcement of our video upload!

MYD Shares Fave Beauty Tricks

It’s happened to all of us, the inevitable broken powder. That slow motion reel of the powder dropping to the ground and smashing everywhere. It’s probably your favorite, so you salvage as much of it as you can and continue to use the chunks. Sound familiar? Fret no more, there is a way to fix your broken powder!

To do this you will need.

– Your cracked powder in the pan.
– A clean, pointed object. (A cuticle pusher works well)
– Rubbing alcohol.
– Tissue.
– Q Tip.

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize that your eyes are really sensitive, so while doing this, be sure that your hands and your tools are clean to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your eyeshadow.

Take your pan of cracked powder, and with your tool start breaking up all of the pieces. You want to break down the pieces until the whole pan is filled with loose powder.

Then take a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the cap of the bottle and slowly pour it into the eyeshadow pan. If you pour too much, don’t worry – the great thing about rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates. If there is too much you will have to wait until some of it evaporates to continue, so pour slowly.

Take your tool again and spread the rubbing alcohol around, when you are finished your loose powder should be more of a paste.

Leave it to dry for a few hours.

When you come back use your fingers to gently test to see if the powder is dry. If it is, take your tissue and fold it in half and then use your fingers to gentle pat down the top of the powder. This will pack it down and flatten the top.

Use a damp Q Tip to clean the lid and the edges of your case.

We recommend that you leave it overnight before using it again to ensure that it is dry. It will look like a completely new eyeshadow when you are done!

Pro Tip: To help prevent your powder from breaking, put a cotton pad or cotton ball on top of the pressed powder before you close it. The cotton should absorb the shock of any traumatic events and leave it in tact.

It’s Almost Time! Anti-Aging Tricks to Help You Slow the Ticker.

Anti-aging products has becoming a booming industry in the cosmetic world. Not only are there skin creams, but cosmetics now incorporate anti-aging benefits, and there are hair care products that are based around the idea of giving back “young hair.” It is estimated by 2015 that the global market for these products will reach $291.9 billion dollars!

In this post we will give you some tips for natural anti-aging tricks and fill you in on some important information regarding the bottled anti-aging solutions and ingredients.

SPF. With all of the studies that are out now, there is no way to make excuses NOT to wear SPF. On sunny days, cloudy days, winter days… wear SPF! Skin damage causes premature aging, discoloration of the skin, and more seriously – cancer.

Vitamin C. It is recommended that anyone over the age of 26 has Vitamin C in their diet and skincare routine. This is because of its ability to help the body produce and maintain collagen. Vitamin C is also known to regenerate oxidized Vitamin E, which helps combat free radicals.

Serums. Serums are all the rage now-a-days. They pack a major punch when it comes to antioxidants because they have a higher level of active ingredients compared to a regular moisturizer. They are created with smaller molecules than regular moisturizes so that they can be absorbed deeper into the skin to deliver the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. Serums should be used before a moisturizer so that the ingredients can be absorbed deep into the skin, then you should follow with a moisturizer because serums usually don’t have strong moisturizing properties.

Papaya. The high content of carotene and Vitamin C, along with the essential minerals and the papain enzyme – this fruit is the ultimate exfoliant and moisturizer. As explained earlier, Vitamin C has a lot of benefit for you skin and anti-aging. What many people don’t know is that the ascorbic acid that makes up Vitamin C is very unstable. Most of the time serums and creams will oxidize, which renders their benefits useless. This is why you can’t go wrong with going straight to the source!

Retinol. This is the only proven ingredient to reduce fine lines long term. Many products may claim anti-aging benefits, but if you are looking for something effective and retinol is not an ingredient, keep looking. Don’t buy day creams with Retinol as it can increase your sensitivity to UV rays. Find a night cream with Retinol and use it at night as your body naturally repaires and rejuvinates.

Omega-3, 6 and fatty acids. It has been proven that people that have a diet that consists of high amounts of sea food have less wrinkles. This is because fish oil contain Omega-3 fatty acids that slow down the aging process in skin. It keeps the skin plump and younger looking.
(Another great source of Omega-3 is Walnuts…so snack away!)

Avocado. This is the ultimate nutrition shop for your body inside and out. This fruit contains Vitamin A, B, D and E. It is also richer in potassium than bananas. This is a great moisturizer that will help reduce wrinkles.

There is only one day left in our holiday countdown. See you tomorrow for the final day!

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